Inspira Concept: An Opel supercar with an impressive design

Article by Christian A., on February 6, 2017

We know how majority of concept vehicles only serve as the basis for upcoming designs and technologies. Some are several years away from the possibility of turning into reality. But have you at least thought about one amazing concept supercar and the endless possibilities it could bring in real life? Well, it would be good if the top players in the automotive industry focuses on turning their concepts into production models, thus, bringing the future a little bit closer. Maybe something from General Motors for a change?

The fact is, most companies only build one-off concept cars to showcase on annual automotive events. On the other hand, many concept artists are already aiming for Porches and Ferraris when rendering futuristic designs for high performance cars. But in case General Motors for instance happens to consider, say, an Opel supercar, we think we’ve found the right tandem.

An Opel Inspira Concept as designed by Insch Design and Sergey Rabchik from Belarus is probably the best front-engined supercar out there. Rendered only last August, the bodywork is highly futuristic as we can see from its aerodynamic fins that replaces the usual side mirrors. It also has this big set of wheels and LED tail lights with slim design that are more than enough to catch serious attention from fellow motorists.

According to their website, an Opel race car was manufactured in 1914 under the name Opel Rennwagen. This supercar has inspired them to create this project in the first place. It says there that the Opel Rennwagen can accelerate up to 228km per hour and is powered by a 12.3 litre engine. In other words, we can also expect the Opel Inspira to have the same combination of “power”, “feel” and “action” just like the legendary Rennwagen.

If you come over to their website,, you will see there the impressive sketches, clay model and hard model for the Inspira supercar. The basic information describes the car as something for the adrenaline driven, “modern generation” who can’t do without “gadgets” and “Internet”. That means, the concept vehicle applies all the latest technologies you could possibly imagine.

The entire shape of the body is very elegant and we think GM will make a good decision in case they consider this in the near future. Seriously. How many cars on the road have superb designs anyway? But for now, the 2016 Opel Inspira Concept remains a speculative model for a possible front engine supercar.


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