Pagani Rinascimiento is the restoration program for your old Zonda

Article by Christian A., on October 30, 2017

Pagani, the famous Italian supercar maker, recently launched what they call the Pagani Rinascimiento. It is an official restoration program that was made specially to service the automaker’s first few models, such as the Zonda. The program will not only inspect your Zonda, but also restore it to its original condition, just like when it first left the factory. To ensure that all components return to their mint condition, Pagani will observe, examine, and restore each and every one of them, with the combination of art and technology. The Italian automaker also made it clear that during the restoration process, not a piece of bolt or screw will be left out.

While these components are being restored, Pagani will collect things such as images, drawings, and even technical data and these will be documented in a Pagani Rinascimiento Book. Finally, when the work has been done, the book will be handed to the owner, together with the car to certify that it went through the whole process. This will be useful when current owners intend to sell their Zondas in the future.

Horacio Pagani, founder and ideologist of the company, mentioned in the automaker’s official Facebook page that it is a pleasure and a huge responsibility for them to bring these cars back to life. And of course, their customers put their full trust on the company and their expertise to make sure that these cars are brought back to their original state. This is because it’s only this company that can properly rebuild and restore these. Pagani’s goal is for the customers to feel the same as when they first got their car.

In Pagani’s whole lifetime, they have only built a total of 137 Zondas. Within those years, both two-door coupe and roadster variants have been produced too, together with a third variant being the barchetta. And believe it or not, there are some Zondas out there that have been driven for over 62,000 miles (100,000 kilometers), and these cars will definitely need some sort of maintenance. In fact, some of them are about 25 years old.

Pagani Automobili was first launched in 1992, as a supercar and carbon fiber manufacturer. Horacio Pagani is actually Argentinian by race, but was based in San Cesario sul Panaro, near Modena, Italy. He also had a history working for Lamborghini on several projects.

As we know, the Italian automaker also has a relationship with Daimler, or the Mercedes-AMG subsidiary. This is because Pagani approached Mercedes and that the Zonda actually carries an advanced V12 engine that is the Mercedes M120. Initially, these were 6.0 liter engines, but later on have been changed to 7.3 liter engines.


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