What a disgraceful news: Pagani Zonda F hit by a van! [w/video]

Article by Christian A., on February 3, 2017

There was a time when cameras were not too portable and people only used them sporadically. Thus, we all have these missed moments. We failed to record these snippets of time that we will never again have.

Technology has changed the way people communicate and record history. Sharing on social media has become prevalent. Mobile phones are no longer just devices you use for calling as they have become an extension of your work and personal life. These days, people automatically whip out their phones when something unusual happens. Whether it’s an elusive officemate who suddenly shows up at a party or when an exotic car happens to pass by.

Now here’s the latest news report that has been dominating social media: a driver crashed his van into a rare Pagani Zonda F while he was filming it. The exotic car is owned by Jorge Gómez, an Argentinian businessman who happens to have his Pagani registered in Paraguay. Based on the reports that came from Autoblog.com.ar, Gómez recounted how it took him eleven years to finally buy a Zonda. This must’ve hurt really bad. Ouch.

Since this is another one of those rare incidents involving an exotic car, photos and videos have already surfaced online. One video shows how the Zonda has sustained quite a heavy punch on the rear. Good thing, the badly damaged parts are only those on the bumper and also on the tailpipes. Even so, the owner may have to replace each of those. Beyond that, some parts are virtually unscathed and can be repaired at a minimal price.

As seen on the footage, the driver was trying to get a good shot of the blue Zonda while driving at the same time. Since the driver of the white van was coming from behind, he accidently smashed right into the Zonda’s rear. Quite expectedly, another motorist has caught the event on video. Although, the actual crash has not been documented well, some shots were somehow taken from good angles.

Gómez’s Zonda F is just one out of the 25 hardtop examples that ever came out of Pagani Automobili’s factory in Modena, Italy. It features a small carbon fin on the trunk lid, massive carbon rear wing and a rear diffuser similar to those on the Zonda 760-series.

For those who want to get updated as to what happened after the accident, the owner manages an account on Instagram under the username coleccion_gomez. Oh, and by the way, thanks to social media, camera phones, and quick reflexes. Good or bad, at least we always know what's happening around us. Ciao!

Source: autoblog.com.ar

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