Peisert Design renders four-door sedan for Pagani and calls it the Horacio hyper sedan

Article by Christian A., on February 2, 2017

Regardless of how much we want it, Italian company Pagani Automibili is highly unlikely to develop and offer a four-door sedan. And there is a reason for that – Pagani is an auto company that specializes in creating and building carbon fiber-laden supercars. There is a significant gap in dynamics – as well as price -- between a supercar and a sedan, and we can’t expect Pagani to shift focus anytime soon.

Interestingly, a visual artist known as Peisert Design has taken into his own hands the liberty of rendering a four-door sedan for Pagani. Peisert Design has already impressed us with splendid renderings of several upcoming and even non-existent models. For instance, Peisert Design rendered the new Acura NSX -- closer to the image of the first-gen sports car.

Peisert Design also rendered complete images of the new Mercedes-AMG Project One using just the leaked graphics from the performance division of Mercedes-Benz – tough work considering that the official teaser images of the new hypercar were nothing more than a silhouette.

Now, Peisert Design unveiled his latest auto rendering – that of a Pagani four-door sedan. He likewise took the liberty of naming this four-door sedan – the new Pagani Horacio hyper sedan. Familiar name, isn’t? Well that is because the founder of the Italy-based supercar maker is named “Horacio Pagani.”

For his latest rendering, Peisert Design employed an Aston Martin Lagonda Taraf sedan as a base, essentially because there is need to give the Horacio some angles and sharp edges not found on Pagani offerings. He then superimposed a number of details from the Pagani’s supercar pride – the Pagani Huayra. This means that the Pagani Horacio still has its squared-off form from the Lagonda Taraf, but has all the design cues found on a typical Pagani – like its grille and headlights as well as its taillights, and exhaust pipes. The wheels and the side mirrors of the Horacio are all Paganis. Of course, the Pagani Horacio is not an official vehicle from the Italian carmaker.

It wasn’t a long time ago that Peisert Design created the Bugatti Megalon, which is of course a moniker given by the artist to his rendering of the non-existent Bugatti SUV. It was basically a Bugatti Chiron superimposed on a Bentley Bentayga, gluing various design elements from Bugatti. These design elements included the Bugatti horseshoe grille, the eight-eyed front end, and the so-called "Bugatti line."

Although the Megalon could inspire Bugatti to develop its very first SUV, the Horacio might not be able to do same for Pagani. After all, even though other sports and supercar makers have unveiled a sedan – in production form or as a concept, we have never heard Pagani doing so.

Source: Peisert Design

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