Peisert Design shows Smart Fortwo reimagined as Maybach

Article by Christian A., on May 18, 2017

For those wondering what having a luxury lifestyle entails, it is about revealing extravagance at every chance. No wonder many car enthusiasts are intrigued with the idea of a Smart Fortwo being reimagined as a Maybach.

Done by Peisert Design, one interesting change is that the front fascia has become flashy. Another thing that perks up the interest of many fans is how the design manages to effortlessly blend the large wheels to the micro car shape of the Smart. For those who want specifics, these are the 22-inch wheels inspired by the Maybach S650. Meanwhile, the front lights and the front grille are based mainly from the Maybach 6 Concept.

Interior-wise Peisert Design used some of the features from the 2018 Mercedes-Benz S-Class. An excellent example is the full-length glass infotainment system/instrument cluster. Further, fitted to it are two electric motors which drive each wheel. Finally, since it comes from a tradition of luxury, both the sides and the roof utilize carbon fiber panels.

If that made you truly excited, you’re not alone. While the possibility of this version reaching the production phase is indeed slim, it continues to be a relief to finally see what a mini Maybach would be like. That some people are wary about this model can’t be faulted though. After all, it wasn’t that long ago when Aston Martin revealed that Cygnet was on its way in to the Kei car class. The Cygnet though was eventually discontinued after selling only around 300 units in a two-year span.

Developed by Daimler AG’s Smart division, the Fortwo is a two-seater hatchback with a rear-wheel drive and a rear engine. The first generation was unveiled in 1998 and the current version is its third generation. The third generation was officially unveiled at the Tempodrom in Berlin, Germany, on July 16, 2014. This was done alongside the Smart Forfour, a four-door version.

One feature that sets the Fortwo apart from the others is the extended length of 8.8 feet (2.69 meters). There is also the high H-point seating. The Fortwo is also known for its offset of the driver seat against that of the passenger. For the first and second generation in particular, the passenger seat has been placed 15 cm more towards the rear compared to the driver’s seat.

Initially, the Fortwo was released as a left-hand drive vehicle because of how the floorpan was set up. It only allowed for such a configuration. Smart later came out with a floorpan that permitted right-hand drive.

Marketed in 37 countries around the world, the Fortwo is exclusively manufactured at Smartville, a facility located in Hambach, France.

Source: Peisert Design

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