Peugeot 905e Concept is something we do want to see for real

Article by Christian A., on April 17, 2017

Those familiar with the auto industry know that when it comes to having the fastest vehicle on the market, Peugeot is likely not going to be at the top of that list. However, when it comes to motorsports, it is where the brand excels. The brand for instance has managed to rack up a number of wins in various races, particularly in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. With reports coming in that Peugeot is set for a comeback, fans are more than excited.

It does not mean though that fans get nothing while waiting as Behance designers Yung Presciutti and Monholo Oumar revealed how they thought a futuristic race car of Peugeot would look like. Looking at the design alone, one can clearly say it is exceptional. Nicknamed as the 905_e, the designers show different versions, all of which appear to be apt for racing. Their 905_e version is so remarkable than when compared to the Vision Gran Turismo that Peugeot is actually releasing, the latter becomes dull in comparison.

That being said, it will be a different story when Peugeot does make a return to the celebrated endurance race. It was in late March of this year when the brand said it was looking into the possibility of joining the Le Mans 24 Hours. Peugeot however added that it will only do so if the costs of joining the race decrease. In an interview held during this year’s Geneva Motor Show, Peugeot Jean-Philippe Imparato said that the brand set three conditions it needed to meet in order to make a return to the Le Mans 24 Hours.

The first being that the company should be turning in profits, the second is to win the Dakar Rally, and the third is to aim for costs of competing to not exceed €200 million annually. Imparato disclosed that Peugeot had managed to meet the first two conditions and is looking into how it can meet the third and final condition.

Under the current rules of the World Endurance Championship’s LMP1 category, a brand will need to field at least 3 teams in order to have a long-run viability. As such, many are saying that one way to lower costs would be to make certain changes with respect to the aerodynamics.

Peugeot grabbed the 2009 championship for the Le Mans and participated for five years before bowing out. Last year, Audi did the same and made an exit from this race. This has led enthusiasts and analysts to appeal to Peugeot to join again as the endurance race has become a battle between Toyota and Porsche.

Exterior Design

The main characteristic of the 905_e is the front section which reveals a combination of a front end that is hung low, a front splitter, and thin headlights. There is also a small glass cockpit which looks to be in the same level as that of the wheels.

In the rear section, one can observe the open tail and a pair of two small exhaust pipes. The way it has been designed allows onlookers to be able to see even certain parts of the suspension. Finally, the features on the rear are all complemented through the six vertical, albeit small, taillights.


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