Would a Polestar 1 Shooting Brake work?

Article by Christian A., on October 23, 2017

It was just a few days ago that Polestar officially took off the wraps from its very first production model called the Polestar 1. While this was inspired by a vintage-inspired coupe, it comes with modern technology and a powerful plug-in hybrid powertrain. At first glance, one may be reminded of the Volvo P1800. This has led to it being imagined as a shooting brake like that of the P1800ES. In fact, an artist from X-Tomi Design already made a rendering of the long-roof model as early as now.

But instead of rendering it to look like the P1800ES with a huge rear glass, it was the outgoing V90 wagon that gave X-Tomi Design the inspiration. It was designed with a higher roof that appears to give the cabin more space and comfort, while also replacing the tiny bench in the back of the standard Polestar 1 coupe.

Whether this is a coincidence or not, Volvo has actually already considered a vehicle much like the Polestar 1 shooting brake, and it was introduced back in 2014 as the Concept Estate. And three years later, it turned out to be the current V90.

Though this rendering may look like it isn’t impossible for a Polestar 1 shooting brake, it may not be that easy to build one in the real world. This is because hybrid models nowadays mount some of their components in the trunk. Therefore, the rear seats will have to stay upright and unmovable, or the rear cargo space would have to compromise for this. Not being able to fold down the bench would reduce the number of things that can be stored in the vehicle.

If you weren’t aware, Volvo developed the Polestar brand to fully focus on electrified vehicles. Why Polestar 1 you ask? Because this is the very first vehicle that the company represents. It shares the same platform as Volvo’s SPA but is specified exclusively for Polestar. The hybrid powertrain enables it to produce 600 horsepower (447 kilowatts) and 737 pound-feet (1,000 Newton metres) of torque. As for performance, it can hit an impressive 93 miles (150 kilometers) on one full charge.

The Polestar 1 will hit the production line in China starting mid-2019. This will be followed by a smaller Polestar 2, and then a Polestar 3 crossover.

Having said all that, it does not seem like it is possible for Polestar or Volvo to create a shooting brake variant, especially with the hybrid powertrain. Unfortunately, this rendering will have to remain in the virtual world. Chances go up with the possibility of a gasoline or diesel engine but since Polestar was made specifically to build electrified performance vehicles, we won’t bet on it.

Source: X-Tomi Design

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