This Porsche 929 rendering is a revival of the 928

Article by Christian A., on October 31, 2017

The 1995 Porsche 928 was the automaker’s last grand-touring coupe that had an engine up front, and ever since then, they have not had one yet. And it seems unlikely for one to be added to the lineup anytime soon, at least in real life. But no one can stop artists from rendering a virtual one. As seen in the images, Automedia came up with a digital version of a modern day 928 that they call the Porsche 929, and you can tell that it is based on a Panamera.

One could easily just take out two doors off the existing Panamera and call it a modern day 928, but instead, the artist gave the coupe a number of style upgrades. Starting off with the B-pillar, unlike the usual, it does not extend all the way to the roof, leaving a bit of the side glass exposed - so it uses one piece of glass instead of two.

It was also designed with a downward sweeping roof with a large glass panel that seems to give good rear visibility, while the tail looks like it had taken inspiration from the Porsche’s existing sedan. We think that the 929 definitely can fit in the rest of the company’s lineup, if an actual model was made. However, we don’t really see what’s on the inside of the Porsche 929. But based on what we could see from the rear window, it seems to have a 2+2 layout.

Of course, we can’t expect to get performance specs from a model that is only available virtually. But if this were to come to life, it would probably share the same platform as the Panamera, where it would carry the same engine as the sedan too. Currently, the Turbo S E-Hybrid, or the range topping trim, comes with a 4.0 liter biturbo V8 paired with an electric motor.

Together, they produce 680 horsepower (507 kilowatts) and 626 pound-feet (849 Newton-metres) of torque. Whether it is a coupe or a sedan, the powertrain would work just as well. Managing Editor of Motor1, Steven Ewing describes the Panamera’s drivetrain as if it were a rocket. Not only is its acceleration impressive. Its 50-80 mile per hour run is also quite amazing.

Earlier, there were rumours of a Panamera-based coupe, but that seemed to have remained as just a rumour. But if you think of it, there really is no need for Porsche to build a three-door variant, and people would understand why, because there simply is no need for one. If Porsche’s customers are not into having a car with more than two doors like a Panamera, they could easily take them to the other side of the showroom where an array of 911s sits with poise.

Source: Automedia

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