Porsche Cayman RSR race car gets rendered

Article by Christian A., on February 9, 2018

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you see a mid-engined European sports car? Well, that depends on who you are talking to. Some will look at it as a piece of art, while others would see as an opportunity. An opportunity for what, you ask? Well, an opportunity to imagine something even greater.

In this case, it was Arian Shamil who sought to render something he called the Porsche Cayman RSR. And upon hearing that, we can’t help but think that it has a clear reference to the 911 RSR.

Yup, the 911 RSR that, without a doubt, is the fastest and most mind-blowing production 911 ever built - with a 4.0 liter naturally aspirated flat-six ahead of the rear axle. As for performance, it can chase its 9500 rpm redline like that of a 510 horsepower, race tuned flat six. This does not even have turbos that will soften throttle response.

As you look at the images, it seems like the design envisions taking the Cayman GT4 and transforming it into an 11. Its fenders have become wider, and now have track scraping ground effects. Due to it being a racer, it also gets a huge rear wing, a giant diffuser where the bumper can usually be found, and slimline wing mirrors. The inside has also been made track ready, fitted with a roll cage, racing bucket seats and harnesses. That’s everything you will find in the interior.

Shamil’s rendered Cayman RSR now sits very close to the ground on center lock alloys, paired with racing slicks as well as oversized carbon ceramic brakes. It also includes a quick fill fuel cap, quick release panel latches, and tow hooks.

The exterior has been given a blue racing body with a huge green stripe that runs along the middle of the hood and the bottom part of the car. This will definitely make everybody in Weissach proud of what they had built. Too bad this model is stuck in the virtual world.

We are pretty sure that we will never see a real life version of this model. And that is because the Cayman has been taking part in GT4 racing. Meanwhile, everything more powerful than that is 911 territory.

Also, since the automaker has been making sure to avoid the 718 Cayman and Boxster moving too close to the 911 on the road, we don’t get why it would do such thing for the track. But as Porsche is not the type to shy away from daring forms, we can’t help but wonder if such a thing will truly exist.

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