Porsche Exclusive unique Python Green Chromaflair paint costs more than a car

Article by Christian A., on August 16, 2017

Since when did customizing a car become more expensive than the actual model? We are aware that tuning a car can cost a lot, but we never expected it to be as expensive as the car itself. But in this case, it is. Luxury automakers like Porsche will make sure to give their customers what they request for when it comes to customizing.

This time, it is a unique paint for the 911 Turbo S you probably have never seen, and it is called Python Green Chromaflair. This paint job will cost you €82,645.50 ($97,395) - that is the most expensive paint out there. This was confirmed when the options sheet circulated online. If you want to go for the aerodynamic kit with the same shade of green, that will cost you an additional €928.20. The base paint alone costs more than a brand new 911 Carrera after destination which has a price tag of $92,150.

What makes this green paint absolutely beautiful is the fact that it has an opalescent effect. You would notice that the car's shade slightly changes from a darker green shade to an almost yellowish green shade. Based on the photos, you could notice the shade difference on the areas near the headlights, the mirrors and around the tail.

The customization does not stop on just the exterior. Inside, you can get a matching cabin in Acid Green upholstery, and a Graphite Blue that will cover certain areas of the car. This package also comes with a Burmester surround sound system.

The Porsche 911 S alone has a price tag of $162,850, and upgrading the car can easily add an extra $117,890 to it. But this particular model with the Python Green paint costs more than the German company's 911 Turbo S Exclusive at $257,500. This does not include a power upgrade yet, and still has the same 3.8 liter biturbo flat six with 580 horsepower.

Every year, Porsche only does a total of five Chromaflair paint jobs. They offer the same effect in blue, gold and violet too.

An Instagram post by PTSRS says that the Python Green 911 Turbo S will be showcased for Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur at the upcoming AvD Oldtimer at the Nurburgring. The post also said that the violet Chromaflair was once put on display at Zuffenhausen. The account also said that fans must definitely see the car in person to appreciate it. So what are your thoughts about this colour?

Source: Instagram PTSRS

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