Project Wami is a Maserati-inspired retro-roadster in development from Ares Design

Article by Christian A., on October 31, 2018

Modena, Italy-based Ares Design is relatively a new company in the field of bespoke automotive design and modifications. But in the short time, Ares Design has demonstrated its capability of creating high-quality coach-built cars. Now, it is out to prove that once again, it can convert almost any vehicle into a bespoke creation through the new Project Wami.

Project Wami is Ares Design’s latest work, with the promise of becoming one of the most enticing roadsters ever made. However, there is yet no actual, final product at sight – the roadster has yet to exist. According to Ares Design, project is currently in its development stage. Nonetheless, based from the images released by the Italian tuning company, the Project Wami roadster looks gorgeous and holds a lot of promise.

Since there is actual car yet, the images of the Project Wami roadster released by Ares Design were just renderings. These are rendered images of how the final version of the Project Wami roadster would look like when it springs to life and take on the road.

Judging from these rendered images, Ares Design isn't lying or just trying to exaggerate when it said the Project Wami would be one of the most enticing roadsters. After all, the Project Wami – in its rendered form – already looks dazzling and elegant. Wrapped in red, the Project Wami roadster boasts of ideal proportions, seamlessly blending design elements of the past with the styling present today.

At first look, Ares Design’s Project Wami may seem familiar. The Italian tuning company does admit that on its latest creation, it took inspiration from the iconic Maserti cars of the 1950s. In particular, the Project Wami roadster borrows some styling from the legendary Maserati 2000 Spyder of that decade.

The lines, front grille and the lighting units of Project Wami and even its chromed front and rear bumper over riders borrow from the Maserati 2000 Spyder. Moreover, other styling cues such as the side exhaust tips and wire wheels are also borrowed from Maserati’s cars in the 1950s.

Nonetheless, Ares Design plans to realize the elegant, retrospective beauty of the Project Wami roadster through modern applications and technology. For instance, the the Project Wami roadster will make use of lightweight and strong materials like handcrafted aluminum and carbon fiber. Inside, the roadster will employ high-quality metal and leather, as well as aluminum details.

Ares Design has yet to disclose when it plans to launch the final production version of the Project Wami roadster. It will surely make headlines just like the Italian company’s other projects like Project Pony, which was derived from the Ferrari GTC4Lusso and takes inspiration from Ferrari V12-powered GTs. The company was also responsible for the Ares Design Land Rover Defender, which combines iconic 4x4 capabilities, power, luxury and splendor.

Source: Ares Design

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