Hot or Not: Mercedes-Benz X-Class pickup is rendered much lower, customized

Article by Christian A., on August 4, 2017

Hey hottie, care for a ride? Well, unfortunately (or fortunately for you) this low slung pickup truck is just a product of a person’s creative imagination. WinningDesigns, an artist based in Brisbane, Queensland Australia had thought about dressing up the Mercedes-Benz X-Class with a new outfit. Out of all the many choices, instead, he chose a “low-rider look” and so goes the self-styled “Slammed Mercedes-Benz X-Class”.

Let’s see…Is there a new bumper in place? Check. How about a new grille? Check. Side skirts? Check. Bigger wheels? Check. Roof bars? Nah.

The thing is, a low-riding pickup with the star emblem doesn’t appeal to everyone. Despite it being technically a Nissan Navarra bearing the Mercedes symbol. Any vehicle class with the classy Mercedes logo in our opinion should be better off left in its stock form. But we’d allow a few exceptions among the AMG-wearing coupes and cabriolets. But as they say, to each his own, so there it is, a Slammed Mercedes-Benz X-Class. What a rare sight to behold indeed.

All said, Mercedes isn’t looking into offering more X-Class versions anyway. Rather, the German automaker had its attention on the series of launches it will be having for the new pickup. The Mercedes-Benz X-Class will arrive in Australia, South Africa, South America and in Europe. It is expected to go on sale this November with a base price of $43,890 for the regular trim.

Mercedes’ first ever pickup will be offered in three different configurations including the X-Class Power, X-Class Progressive and X-Class Pure. Each model comes with a distinctive grille design which houses the LED infused headlights. Among the number of standard features are vertical taillights, massive wheel arches, plastic body cladding and detachable step at the rear bumper. All trim levels will also come with a truckbed that goes with the cargo area that features a 12-V socket and lighting equipment for utility purposes.

Aside from those, the pickup can be had with a variety of special interior options such as a standalone infotainment system, an 8.4-inch display screen, a leather dashboard, or one with a woodgrain finish.

Powertrain options will include two four cylinders with one as the X250 d biturbo diesel with 190PS (120kW) while the other is a X220 d 2.3-liter turbo diesel with 163PS (120kW). After the launch, Mercedes is said to offer more choices of engines which will consist of a 258PS (190kW) and 550 Nm V6 (or the X350d) and the 165PS (122kW) X200.

Source: WinningDesigns

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