Street-legal Ferrari FXX K Evo is digitally imagined

Article by Christian A., on February 1, 2018

Today, what is considered to be the best track-only Ferrari model is probably the FXX K Evo that is based on the LaFerrari. Before that model came out, the most hardcore model was the FXX K. But no matter how cool you would be to own any of these two, both of them are not road legal.

It would be the fulfilment of every car enthusiast’s wish to see the FXX K or Evo going through modifications to become road legal just like models such as the McLaren P1 GTR and Aston Martin Vulcan.

We have yet to see Ferrari confirm such a plan but an artist has already done this virtually. From Aksyonov Nikita of Behance comes a rendering of a street legal FXX K Evo. It looks very similar to the track only version. The minor differences are mostly found on the front fascia. Imagine yourself taking this Ferrari out on the road.

Up front, the street legal Evo comes with the same fenders but it gets some aerodynamic modifications, a massive split grille, and a ground-scraping front splitter that you can find in the factory version. Headlights have of course been added. The rendering sits higher from the ground as well, for pretty obvious reasons.

Moving into the rear end of the vehicle, the rendering saves most of the original performance elements of the Evo. But of course, the artist now gave it a set of taillights. Having seen all the modifications, we think that a real-life road legal FXX K Evo would be absolutely amazing.

Even after the Ferrari FXX K Evo had been given a set of headlights and taillights, we would say that it still looks pretty insane. The factory model can produce as much as 1,050 horsepower (782 kilowatts) and 730 pound feet (900 Newton metres of torque). This comes from a 6.3 liter biturbo V8 engine that is paired with a seven speed F1 dual clutch transmission. It has a maximum top speed of 217 miles per hour (349 kilometeres per hour).

The Ferrari FXX K Evo of course, has an aerodynamic package that consists of a twin-profile rear spoiler, two side wings, and a central fin. Both the body and the aero package let the car generate as much as 1,410 pounds of downforce at 124 miles per hour, and 1,826 at the car’s red line speed, which is good for lateral acceleration for cornering and stability.

The downforce is further boosted by a twin profile fixed wing in the rear that works hand in hand with the active rear spoiler. This model will only race in a handful of events according to the automaker.

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