Tesla Model 3’s crazy new record is 606.2 miles

Article by Christian A., on June 12, 2018

Since electric vehicles are becoming more popular, and are also becoming more viable for long distance trips, car enthusiasts would try and push the limits of what their cars are capable of on a single charge. Two men in Denver decided to take out the Tesla Model 3 over the weekend to drive it, and after 32 hours, they celebrated victory. However, that’s all their car can do.

EV aficionados have this term they use, “hypermiling”, to describe the idea of them getting the most juice out of their car’s battery, though efficient driving on a forgiving route. The guys we mentioned earlier were Sean M. Mitchell and Erik Strait, who set out on Friday to firmly beat the previous hypermiling record on a closed loop near the Denver Airport. The loop was about a mile in distance, and featured an elevation change of only 10 feet, while the two drove at speeds between 20 and 30 miles per hour.

Tesla rates the Model 3’s range between 220 and 310 miles on a single charge, but the two guys hoped they could reach 600 miles. So what they did was they live-streamed their circuitous journey on Youtube, interacted with those who commented, caught Chipotle burritos in a fishing net and were able to go past their goal 32 hours later.

All in all, they were able to drive for 606 miles, before the Tesla’s battery died, and both men celebrated. The last hypermiling record before them, according to sources, was 560 miles. Having earned their success, the boys hooked up the Model 3 to a Supercharger and got some rest.

After that, they charged the Tesla for 24 hours, but they found that it was still not ready for the road because it would not take a charge, and it had to be towed to a service center. On Sunday, Mitchell then tweeted that the Service Center was closed and that they have to wait until the day after to figure out the status of the Model 3.

The said model has been a headache for Tesla recently, but the best of the best will really be on the case. To be clear, the Model 3 is not supposed to go this far, but the issue could be caused by any number of problems.

As we know, Elon Musk is very active on social media, so we expected that he would tweet about the record these guys have pulled off. However, he got into some trouble in the Twitter world recently so he has been pretty low key lately. Hopefully, we hear from Elon Musk or Mitchell about the Model 3’s current status, so we could update you guys as well.

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