Spanish artist creates rendering of Tesla Model EXP

Article by Christian A., on April 25, 2017

Xabier Albizu, a Spanish product and transportation artist, recently did a rendering of the Experimental Tesla Model EXP supercar. The third party design work looks quite sexy and has been the talk of the town recently. Albizu initially posted the first image of his rendering on March 6 on his Behance account.

As a third party designer, Albizu had all the time to make these renderings. His works show that the Tesla Model EXP is a high performance supercar with four electric motors (and independent torque vectoring), each one powering its own wheel, thus making it a four-wheel drive . But is controllable depending on the driver’s needs in that power delivery can be adjusted independently -for crazy handling and acceleration.

The high performance Tesla rendering has smart aerodynamics. With a flat bottom and the huge diffuser, there is an increase in downforce without sacrificing the drag. The rear end of the vehicle has an open design that extracts hot air from different components, and prevents it from overheating. But this design isn’t only functional. He designed this to give it a more aggressive and extreme look.

The face of the car, on the other hand, is an interpretation of a typical Tesla - having clean lines that create a sporty feel. Here, he refers to the low nose and headlamps. The front and the rear have a contrasting look. As you look at the profile of the Tesla Model EXP, you’ll notice that Albizu used a different material, which distinctly sets apart the front from the rear. The roof of the vehicle is clear, allowing you to see the capsule-like cabin. Albizu says that while he was working on the rendering, he considered using various layers and surfaces, while playing with air flow and and the use of aerodynamics.

The Tesla Model EXP, like any other Tesla car, makes use of the latest charging and battery technologies. This car can charge up very quickly and is autonomous - that is if you can keep your foot away from the throttle.

Speaking of technology, the car is fully equipped with sensors and radars. And before I forget, a 360-degree camera is built in for safety and autonomous reasons. The 360 degree camera can also be used to record your trips or track records, and at the same time, it can like an action camera - where you can save or share videos.

Before this, Albizu did not believe that electric cars would be a possible alternative to combustion cars. However, since the company changed its mind, his concept is now a nice interpretation of Tesla’s achievements.


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