The Grand Tour may not have a fourth series, says Mail Online report

Article by Christian A., on March 13, 2018

The second series of The Grand Tour has just ended and the motoring TV show is expected to return for the third series later this year (2018). However, a report from the online version British newspaper Daily Mail – citing a source privy with the show – is saying there won't be a fourth series of The Grand Tour.

Quoting its own sources, Mail Online reported that it could be the end for the road soon for The Grand Tour after Amazon didn’t sign anyone, including its trio of hosts: Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May. The source told Daily Mail that there is nothing that suggests that Amazon is going to do another series. The source added that no one has signed anything, with employees wondering where they would go once filming finishes.

The speculations of The Grand Tour receiving an axe got a boost after news broke out that Clarkson has already been hired to host a revamped version of ITV quiz show “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.” It is of note that Clarkson deal for “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” lasts for only seven episodes. According to the report from Mail Online, Clarkson didn’t receive any offer from Amazon for the fourth series of The Grand Tour.

Clarkson, known for his colorful comments, was quick enough to comment on the rumor report. On his Twitter account, Clarkson replied to a tweet by a certain Leanne C. He tweeted, “Hilarious you believe Mail Online.”

His co-hosts at The Grand Tour, Hammond and May, have yet to issue a comment on the rumor. Other members of The Grand Tour have also been silent about the speculation. The Grand Tour producer Andy Wilman, on the other hand, only commented that at the moment, they are focusing on the third series of the TV show.

Considering that Amazon invested a great deal of money into The Grand Tour -- rumored at around £180 million ($250 million), it would seem unlikely for the company to axe the show just after three seasons (series). It was reported that Clarkson, Hammond and May have an approximately $15 million contract with Amazon. The deal between the trio and Amazon covers three years and 36 episodes, or 12 episodes per series. Thus, the hosts and staff of The Grand Tour still have a full season (third series) before needing to worry on the fourth one. However, if Amazon is seeing that business is not as active as usual, it might really not renew their contracts for a fourth series.

The Grand Tour picked off where Clarkson, Hammond and May left –Top Gear. BBC didn’t renew Clarkson’s contract following his involvement in a “fracas” with a producer, which resulted to his suspension from the show and eventually, his firing.

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