The 10 most amazing cars from sci-fi movies

Article by Christian A., on February 17, 2016

Science fiction films have long awed audiences by giving glimpses of what the future could bring. These movies have tickled our imagination so many times. We visualized space travel with Han Solo’s very iconic Millennium Falcon.

Marty McFly even showed us how to enjoy the streets with the hoverboard. Another thing that excites people about sci-fi films is its propensity to change the rules. In a world where almost anything is governed by rules, sci-fi shows us that sometimes what is impossible today can be possible in the future.

Aside from the spaceships, the hi-tech gadgets, and the light sabers, there is another aspect to these films that is often overlooked. These are the cars that rule the future.

Below we list the 10 best cars from sci-fi films. For this list however, all types of spacecraft are excluded as well as walker-type vehicles, so apologies to Star Wars fans. 

Before we go to our list, let us first look at some of the honorable mentions.

First Honorable Mention: Crown Victoria from Men in Black

A Crown Victoria may appear to be the odd one on the list. However, what if it had a red button and you were told not to push it. What would you do? Clearly the only choice would be to push it. In the movie, Agent Jay, played by the amazing Will Smith, does exactly that.

What happens next is unexpected. What initially appears to be your average 1987 Ford Crown Victoria turns into a futuristic car that has twin rear-exhaust thrusters and can even be driven upside-down. The thrusters allow the car to run at incredible speeds.

Second Honorable Mention: Argo buggy from Star Trek: Nemesis

There are a lot of vehicles in the Star Trek movie series and most of them can travel in space. There are exceptions to this and the Argo buggy in Star Trek: Nemesis is one of them. Unlike some of the vehicles in the franchise, this one runs on the road and has an all-terrain capability. It is part of the Federation's Argo shuttlecraft.

In the movie Capt. Picard, Lt. Worf, and Lt. Data use the buggy in order to escape the marauders running around the planet. The velocity of the buggy is fast enough that even the android Data had to comment that they were running at "unsafe velocities."

Of course, it wouldn't be Star Trek if it was merely a buggy. One unique feature of the buggy is that it has a rear-mounted phaser cannon which Worf uses to good use against the ones chasing them.

Third Honorable Mention: Bumblebee from Transformers

You probably want to ask me why Bumblebee is just an honorable mention. In the original cartoons, Bumblebee was a bright and yellow Volkswagen Beetle. There is actually a reason for this that few people know about.

The appearance makes him appear harmless but when he transforms into a robot, he turns into a spy that can infiltrate the enemy stronghold and into a highly capable fighter as well. Given that the live-action version is done by Michael Bay, Bumblebee gets an upgrade and made more buff by becoming a Chevrolet Camaro.

The film however has him suffering from an injury so he uses radio stations to communicate and he occasionally leaks. He doesn't make the list though as once he reveals his true nature, he doesn't get driven that much.

Fourth Honorable Mention: Eagle 5 Winnebago from Spaceballs

So how did a Winnebago reach this far? If it's part of Spaceballs then it has to be mentioned. Lone Starr and Barf are not your average road-trippers and their Eagle 5 is not what you would expect from a Winnebago either.

While it is the typical Winnebago when on the road, it has space engines and wings that allow it to fly through space. It can be driven in either “hyperactive” mode or the “secret hyper jets” feature. Indeed, “May the Schwartz be with you.”

Now that we got that out of the way, we proceed to the list. These 10 are not arranged in any order.

DeLorean DMC-12 from Back to the Future

We've already mentioned Marty McFly so is it any wonder that we start with the iconic DeLorean? With its stainless steel body, gull-wing doors, and internal flux capacitor, it can travel back in time as well as into the future.

Even without the addition of the two films, the DeLorean had the high possibility of still becoming an icon. Even today a lot of people still feel the chills if they see the DeLorean in person. The DMC-12 version used in the film is the only one that the DeLorean Motor Company made though it was initially a prototype back in 1976.

The company is no longer in operation after filing for bankruptcy in 1982 due to founder John DeLorean being arrested for trafficking illegal drugs.

For those who want to reminisce with the DeLorean, a good place to start is the Rich Weissensel collection with its own DMC-12s modified to a limo, monster truck, and even a hovercraft. Of course, the only one most fans would prefer would be the version that won't need roads.

Spinner police car from Blade Runner

A police car makes the list but Bumblebee doesn't? Before you judge, let me educate you about the "Spinners." Blade Runner is a film that shows us a rather bleak depiction of the future. Los Angeles in 2019 is a run-down and dirty version of its Golden Age counterpart.

In this city, there are genetically engineered replicants that are hunted down and then "retired" due to them escaping their rather menial work positions from colonies located in off-world sites.

The "Spinners" are police vehicles that can hover and can take-off vertically, an amazing feature in a dystopian city that needs enforcement. Now who doesn't love a police car, right?

The design of the cars was the work of Syd Mead who was also involved in other films like Tron and Aliens. Loyal fans say that the Star Wars prequels and even Back to the Future Part II had made hidden tributes to this wonderful cop car.

Lexus 2054 from Minority Report

Tom Cruise is well known for having multiple running scenes in his films. Minority Report is no different. Playing John Anderton, he gets chased by agents of the Department of Justice and in order to evade possible capture, he runs into a factory for automated vehicles.

He fights against those chasing him with sonic guns and sick sticks eventually coming into contact with Danny Witwer, played by Colin Farrell.

As their fight leads to the Lexus 2054 being assembled, Witwer manages to escape as Anderton is trapped inside while the body of the vehicle is welded, then riveted, and finally stamped.

Obviously Anderton manages to escape. The Lexus 2054 has a verbal interface and had the ability to drive itself. The car's AI was amazing as it can select the music that can match the mood of the people inside. A similar, albeit blue, version also makes an appearance in the 2005 film, The Island.

Audi RSQ from I, Robot

Like many films, this one is set in the near future, specifically 2035. Like most of the semi-autonomous cars in sci-fi films, the ones in this one have more or less the same functions. It has the ability to drive itself and accept voice commands.

When needed, the car is able to give control back to its driver in the traditional wheel-and-pedal configuration.

Will Smith's Del Spooner though, while hi-tech, did not have the automatic emergency braking feature and the capacity to detect pedestrians. Sadly this was trashed by robot halfway into the film.

Gigahorse from Max Mad: Fury Road

Considered by many to be the best action film of 2015, Mad Max: Fury Road had featured a smorgasbord of cars. However we wanted to limit the list to one vehicle per movie or movie franchise as much as possible.

While this film is categorized as action, it has the elements of a sci-fi film as it has the dystopian future, barren landscapes, post-apocalyptic technology, weird cultures, a truly menacing villain, and its own unique style.

The Gigahorse is Imortan Joe's prized possession and it has all the elements previously mentioned. For a world where water is the prize of wars, the Gigahorse shows its powers by being composed of two Cadillac Coupe de Villes that have been molded together.

More than power, the car shows confidence. The Gigahorse is powered by two Chevy V8 engines, each having its own supercharger and connected to one another by a planetary gear.

Other features include a harpoon gun, four-bladed cow catcher, and the dependable flamethrower. If you are part of this world, it would be best to stay out of its way.

Lola T70 from THX 1138

Coming in halfway on the list is a film that most people may not be familiar with. THX 1138 is a film that George Lucas wrote while he was still studying in film school. The film stars Donald Pleasence and Robert Duvall, and like Blade Runner, shows a dystopian future.

In this one, society has required that emotions are suppressed with mandatory medication. The car that catches our attention is the Lola T70 Mark III. The real T70 was manufactured during the 1960s and made specifically for racing.

It participated in various endurance races like the 24 Hours of Daytona and even the 24 Hours of Le Mans. In the past, the Lola was fitted in Chevrolet V8s. Today however there are only replicas with different powertrains and even modern tubular chassis.

M577 Armored Personnel Carrier from Aliens

What list from sci-fi films would not include Aliens right? When you're on the hunt for Xenomorphs with strong exoskeletons, blood that has the properties of acid, and even a secondary jaw, you would likely need some heavy-duty firepower.

Thus in the film when Ellen Ripley and the Marines landed on LV-426 to search for the missing colonists, they had to do it in the M577. The design may appear to be rigid it could easily go over rough terrain and was well-armed and tough.

Top speed may be slow at 93 mph, but it can truly hold its ground. Though the hull is made of light alloys, the chassis is composed of bonded titanium. The chassis and hull are further reinforced with boron carbide ceramic tiles.

Since it is first and foremost a military vehicle, it has a wide-range of hunting weapons. Depending on the configuration, it can carry a 32-round automatic mortar, 20-millimeter Gatling guns, and phased plasma cannons. Still, knowing that the planet is full of Xonomorhs, it would have been better to just bomb the planet from the sky.

Taxi from The Fifth Element

So what does a Taxi have to do with being an amazing car? For one, it had the ability to fly. This is not surprising given that this future version of New York is suffering from air pollution and the population had no choice but to live in very great heights.

In the movie, it was driven by Dallas who appears to be a cabbie but it has an amazing backstory. It is also not an ordinary taxi as it has an attack detection system, an automatic driving mode, and is equipped with technology that can jam scanners. Dallas also made sure that it was resistant to gunfire.

Light Runner from Tron: Legacy

The original Tron put fans at attention with its Light Cycle. Tron: Legacy ups the ante with the Light Runner. With twice the seats and twice the wheels, the Light Runner is driven by Quorra, played by Olivia Wilde, and has some nifty tricks up its sleeves.

Small yet fast, it had the ability to be driven off the Grid using its own power. What sci-fi vehicle would it be without weapons? It can drop mines, two missile launchers, and the Light Ribbon.

Sleek, sexy, and formidable, it can destroy city walls without trying too hard. If you want to win in this digital world, this is the vehicle to be.

V8 Interceptor from Mad Max: Fury Road

We mentioned earlier that the list would be limited to one per movie franchise. However it would be difficult not to include the V8 Interceptor in this list. Driven by the titular character, it was called in the previous films as the Ford Falcon XB GT and in the second the Pursuit Special.

In the latest film however, it was only seen at the start. This muscle car has long been associated with this film franchise and had it not been show even a little in the new film, it would not have felt like Mad Max.

This callous coupe has is rat rod style, side pipes, and bulging supercharger, with rumbling exhaust note. With fuel being scarce in this world, the 5.8-liter V8 engine of the Interceptor may not be a good choice. Still, it matches with the driver's character in that it is indeed mad.

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