Top 4 Laferrari accidents around the world

Article by Christian A., on March 14, 2016

According to Forbes, an average motorist or driver will have to file a collision claim at least once every 17.9 years. And only three of every 1,000 accidents are fatalities. But this does not stop any adrenaline junkie from making one stupid decision.

And it doesn’t matter if it’s an ordinary sedan or a super car. Not even the richest Ferrari owner can ever tell when their 458 or F430 might end up in a car wreck. Every Ferrari vehicle costs millions of dollars; which is why it is expected that every Ferrari owner is downright filthy rich.

From multimillion dollar company owners and CEOs to the richest celebrities, every one of these people will always end up showing off their latest toys. And sometimes, some of these Ferrari owners can’t elude from the sad fate of having a scratched paint or worse, a car wreck.

The latest addition to Ferrari’s collection of luxury hypercar is the 950 horsepower hybrid LaFerrari. As expected, this luxury vehicle will never cost less than a million dollars. This $1.4 million hypercar weighs 3,484 lb and is made of four different types of carbon fiber and is powered with the most cutting-edge technology.

The driver seat is attached to the bulkhead to save space and eliminate the need for a sliding mechanism. It has an output of 161 horsepower and 199 ft/lbs of boost to its 789-hp V12 engine. This hybrid hypercar is unlike any other as it adapts its technology from the Formula 1 racing program making it more menacing on the road.

Scuderia Ferrari’s F1 KERS or the Kinetic Energy Recovery System is applied on the LaFerrari. Energy captured by the carbon ceramic regenerative brakes is stored by the KERS and the stored energy is then released to give the LaFerrari maximum acceleration. It has a top speed of 218 mph and can go a quarter of a mile in 9.8 seconds at 150 mph. How cool is that?

Only 499 LaFerraris were ever made, making each one all the more valuable. Hence, it’s always very big news to know that a couple of these bad boys were in a recent accident.

We tally a few of these heart-wrenching accidents that have ever happened to a LaFerrari. These are a few of the Series of LaFerrari Unfortunate Events. Doing the math, there must still be approximately 496 LaFerraris out there, safe and sound. Hopefully there won’t be any accidents for these bad boys.

It might end up on our favourite museums if these things go extinct. Better have the remaining healthy LaFerraris locked up safe and sound from the hands of reckless owners or from Mother Nature’s wrath. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed and hope there won’t be any sequel to LaFerrari’s Series of Unfortunate Events.

LaFerrari crash in Italy

Even before it was released to the public, the LaFerrari witnessed its first unfortunate mishap in Mantova, Ferrari’s known test site. There were only minor damages but fixing its carbon fiber bumper isn’t as cheap as fixing any brand new sedan.

Also, the LaFerrari just narrowly avoided crashing while being tested at the Fioriano test track. Take it easy, test drivers!

LaFerrari crash in Monaco

Because only the rich few can own such a magnificent hypercar, it’s not surprising for the LaFerrari to end up in one of the wealthiest places on earth. And as much as every driver wants to keep their new toys safe from harm, the LaFerrari experienced its first crash in Monaco.

What makes this car crash heart-crushing? It did not collide with another hypercar but with a Volkswagen Golf ONLY.

Yes, a lowly VW Golf went head to head with the $1.4 million hybrid hypercar. It isn’t clear whose fault it was but fixing the wrecked hood and bumper would cost ten (or more) times the price of the VW Golf. Ouch.

LaFerrari crash in China

It’s probably every Ferrari owner’s dream to drive across county with a brand new hybrid hypercar. It is every car owner’s wish to strut their stuff but it’s always a nightmare to end up in an accident.

When British A-lister Matthew Munson was on the Route Napoleon in the south side of France, he got into an accident in his LaFerrari. While enjoying the picturesque landscape of southern France, it was unfortunate for Munson’s LaFerrari to get damages on its passenger side panels, rear diffuser and mirror.

Luckily enough, Munson was able to avoid injuries but damage on a LaFerrari is hurtful enough. Munson found humour on this experience though and was able to joke about it on twitter. He even passed the accident as just off road fun. Let us all commend Munson for his humour in such a heart breaking event.

LaFerrari crash in China

Apparently, nothing can stop Mother Nature, not even a $1.4 million dollar LaFerrari. Being the sleeping giant of the east, China has become one of the wealthiest countries in the world and is home to a few of the wealthiest people known to mankind.

One of those people is Qin Fen or better known as “King” who is known to spend most of his time and money on super cars. The Fen Rong Investment Company chairman owns not only a LaFerrari but also a Lamborghini Gallardo, Koenisegg Agera R, McLaren P1 and a Mercedes G65 AMG. Going back to his share of LaFerrari’s Series Unfortunate Events, Mother Nature was apparently in a bad mood when a sudden thunderstorm washed over Shanghai causing heavy wind and rain.

Qin lost control of his LaFerrari on an elevated highway and slammed on his brakes in his $1,300 fluorescent, tennis ball yellow, Louboutin deck shoes. Unfortunately for him, his designer shoes were not of any help as he still ended up crashing into a concrete barricade.

Imagine this magnificence of a hypercar crashed into a concrete barricade; it’s enough to make us cringe and send chills through our spine. Fortunately for Qin, he still has a few of his toys out in his garage as he was found calmly walking away from the wreck that was his LaFerrari.

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