Top 5 Ferrari Concepts That Received a Lot of Hate

Article by Christian A., on March 9, 2016

Practice makes perfect and life is often times learned through trial and error. And our Italian friend Ferrari is not an exemption to the rule. Ferrari has made quite a few out-of-the-ordinary concepts, some of which may have turned out to be among the most hideous looking vehicles ever made.

Luckily, these things never made it into production. So here is a list of some of the most horrifying concepts that Ferrari has ever made.

Next time Ferrari decides to design something, let’s all keep our fingers crossed that they do not end up with a pile of mess.

Ferrari Pinin

Known for its sports cars, it might be a shock for some of us that Ferrari thought about making sedans. The four-door Ferrari Pinin is certainly a first for the brand. It’s like seeing the Loch Ness monster in the flesh.

Its appearance may shock a lot of Ferrari enthusiasts because it does not look like the usual sleek Ferrari body, opting for a more angular design and square-like body.

It doesn’t even look like a Ferrari but more like the Aston Martin Lagonda. We don’t like our Ferraris sticking out of the crowd, but we do not like our Ferraris not looking like Ferraris either.

Ferrari 512S Modulo

Back in the 1970’s everyone was just so obsessed about futuristic things. And here comes Ferrari adding to the hype by designing one of the most ridiculous-looking concepts.

The Ferrari 512S Modulo had a wedge-shaped super futuristic design that could pass for a vehicle starring in a Star Trek or Star Wars sequel.

It looks cool and we know of many space geeks who would definitely pay for one of these spaceship looking things. However, it may be a head turner but we’d rather stick to the more earthly Ferrari designs, if you know what I mean.

Ferrari Mythos

Another Ferrari no-no is the Ferrari Mythos. It might look eye-catching and striking at first but it still looks ugly. It has a rear wheel drive based on the more angular Ferrari Testarossa but has a wedge shape that makes it look like a life size version of a red Barbie doll car.

Because the automaker wanted to be a forerunner of the sports car race, the Ferrari Mythos was created as a concept following the Ferrari F40. The Ferrari F40 and Ferrari Mythos just had to battle it out with the Porsche 959, Lamborghini Countach and Pantera De Tomaso.

The Mythos has a 5.0-liter flat-twelve which is awesome but it isn’t born to bear the Ferrari emblem. Not now, Mythos. Not ever.

Ferrari Sergio

The Ferrari 458 Italia is by far one of the best-looking supercars that has ever been made. Its sleek design gives it the right to represent its brand as it shows class, power and sophistication all rolled into one.

But Ferrari just had to ruin our great adoration to this masterpiece. It just wouldn’t leave it alone. Some genius thought of upgrading this already magnificent piece of art by turning it into one of the most hideous cars that has ever been made.

It was like handing Thor’s hammer to a child and waiting for it to whack the thing out of the 458 giving birth to the Ferrari Sergio. It still retained its sleek design but wait, there’s more. Ferrari might’ve forgotten that cars NEED front windshields.

Or maybe some genius might’ve thought it was a good practical joke to even leave out the front windshield. Nice try, Ferrari. Good thing there were only six Sergios made. Close call.

Ferrari F150 Tensostruttura

Last on our list of outrageous Ferrari concepts is the ancestor to the Ferrari LaFerrari: The F150 Tensostruttura. As much as it has a sleek design like any other Ferrari, the Tensostruttura just looks very wrong.

It looks like some love child of a Terminator alien and Batman’s bat mobile. This concept can never be unseen but we’re still thankful this thing gave rise to the beauty that is the LaFerrari.

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