Top 5 paint colors for a Ferrari sports car

Article by Christian A., on July 31, 2017

Ferraris usually come in their most popular shade of red. This is because in the past, vintage race cars would be painted in the colour of their country, and red represented Italy.

Now, most people who get a Ferrari opt for the red exterior paint too. But then, there are so many other cool colours out there to make your Ferrari stand out even more. Check some of these out.

Kermit Green

Jamiroquai front man, Jay Kay owns a Ferrari LaFerrari in a colour perhaps no one else has. The LaFerrari can only be painted in black, yellow or red. But if you do not mind spending some extra cash like Kay, you can pick a shade that is not in the options.

So he decided to get a green LaFerrari. And this isn't any kind of green, but the same shades as the one in the Italian flag. The outcome was a bold and unique Ferrari like no other. Kay is a well-known car lover, and has been featured a few times in Top Gear.

Yellow or Giallo Modena

If red is at the top of the list, yellow comes second. This is because yellow is another option the company offers Ferrari buyers. In fact, the yellow might actually be more eye-catching than the red because of its brighter shade.

So if you want people to immediately notice your car, yellow might actually be the perfect option. You could see both the F12tdf and the 458 Speciale Aperta in this livery. Ferrari offers yellow shades like the Giallo Modena and Nero Stellato.

Tiffany Blue

For female car lovers out there, you might like this - the Tiffany Blue, which is basically baby blue shade. Well, it may not make the car look as masculine as it is, but this shade would be perfect for California.

The colour pops even more when the sun is shining. The Tiffany Blue may remind you of the San Diego Chargers, thought it has been a while since they last wore that colour.


Back in the day, cars more often had neutral colours compared to the bright coloured ones. One common example is brown. Though this colour may not sound very appealing, you will marvel at the popular copper shade. This 1967 330 GTC is wearing a Nocciola Metallizzato or Copper Metallic. Doesn't it look classy and stylish at the same time? And the fact that it’s on a Ferrari makes the vehicle look even better and extraordinary.


Also take note of this two-tone Ferrari, perfect for those who still want to keep the red in their Ferrari but also want to go for another shade. Like the photo, you can go for a sexy black or grey exterior paint, combined with a red interior.

You could see this livery in the Ferrari F430 that the company came out with, and it looks pretty sick I must say - especially on a convertible.

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