Top 5 Vehicles That Offer You the Best Chances of Surviving the Apocalypse

Article by Christian A., on May 16, 2016

From movies to TV shows to video games and even novels, there’s no indication that the interest in post-apocalyptic zombie infestation has waned. In fact, more people have begun to believe that these things could happen. When this paranoia grips you, the only way to feel less anxious is by going on survivor mode.

Among others, these include building a bomb-proof bunk and stockpiling canned food that could help them survive for months, if not, years. There are also the smarter ones – those who know that being in one place would either result with you getting caught by brain-eating zombies or dying from hunger.

What better way to battle hunger and run over monsters than to equip yourself with zombie-proof vehicles, right? And so we present to you five of the most indestructible cars that could help you survive the apocalyptic environment as well as a horde of ravenous undead.

Knight XV

Movies have always portrayed poor human survivors as bloodied and battered and without a hint of rest on their faces. None of these shows have shown at least one survivor living life as if not surrounded by zombies, sitting comfortably in a mobile luxury bomb shelter.

Well then, here’s one vehicle that could give you the same comforts of home while being zombie-proof too – introducing the Knight XV. This vehicle will surely protect you from weapon-wielding zombies because of its protective armour. It’ll shrug off a round of bullets from your brainless enemies as if it’s just mosquitos pestering it.

And nothing can disturb you from lounging off and monitoring the outside world from the leather seats inside the living room at the rear end of the Knight XV.

If there is a need to escape or if you’re bored with the same old undead attacking your mobile home, then the Knight XV’s 6.8-liter V10 will ensure that nothing will stand in your way as you cruise in luxury through zombie-infested lands.

Zombie-battling Elantra Coupe

Made known for its apocalyptic prowess in the TV show The Walking Dead, Korean automaker Hyundai is the brand to go. Tried and tested in various Walking Dead scenes, the Hyundai Tucson has since protected its celebrity occupants from countless brain-eating encounters.

Hyundai has even taken a step further and presented a modified Elantra coupe dressed to kill zombies. It has a front plow and is decorated in deadly spikes providing the coupe a means of attack in all angles. It also comes with caged windows that allow its occupants to suppress fire as well as keep rotting-fiends from getting inside the vehicle.

The zombie-battling Elantra Coupe doesn’t come cheap though so for those who cannot afford it, you can always trust the highly practical and tried and tested Walking Dead Edition Hyundai Tucson. Don’t worry; it comes with a complete survival pack along with the Tucson’s natural survival tendency.

Ford Crown Victoria

Designer Donal O’Keeffe is a notorious survivalist. He might be a designer by day but O’Keeffe is a zombie-fighting expert in his own right. He took time and talent to recreate your very reliable taxi into one bad ass Mad Max survival vehicle.

You probably never knew that the good ol’ yellow cab has the capability to help you survive the apocalyptic zombie-infested world, right? O’Keefe’s design has iron grill and bars over the windows that protect the screen and front of the taxi as well as extra storage in the trunk to keep food, weapons and other necessities.

And let’s not forget its passengers’ safety. The taxi is also equipped with an escape map, binoculars to help spot looming zombies, and bulletproof vests to protect its passengers from the armed undead. With just one telephone call, you’ll be able to hail a cab that’ll take you to safety. Just make sure the driver’s still breathing.

Mercedes-Benz Unimog

Now, the end of the world would probably mean bad road conditions. This is where the Mercedes-Benz Unimog enters the scene. This machine offers “absolute off-road supremacy” and we know this just by looking at its bulky facade.

This bulletproof vehicle has a high ground clearance managed by ported axles and has eight forward gears and six reverse gears.

It also includes a crawler setting for tough terrain. It might look ridiculous to own one while the world is still in a sort-of peaceful state, but you wouldn’t know when this big boy can come in handy. Own one just to be sure to be on the safe side.

Paramount Group Marauder

A more powerful off-terrain vehicle perfect for the end of the world is the Paramount Group Marauder. Better than the Mercedes Unimog at climbing over difficult terrains, the Paramount Group Marauder will easily crumble obstacles and building debris.

This beast weighs around 21,000 pounds and has been shown in Top Gear unfazed by a bomb. It can protect ten people including the family dog. Its unparalleled ability to supress destruction and keep its occupants alive makes the Marauder the perfect apocalyptic vehicle.

It is perfect for those who believe in the “kill or be killed” philosophy. Instead of buying a house, how about investing in this $650,000 monster truck? We guarantee there are more than a few people in this world who would actually think of this suggestion as reasonable.

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