Top 10 Porsche models that you can afford

Article by Christian A., on July 17, 2017

In a perfect world, supercars aren’t only expected to evolve into something better; in time, there must be something similar and more affordable. However, owning a Porsche is now a possibility due to various reasons that have made the prices reasonable.

Here are the top 10 Porsches that most car guys should probably be able to afford by now.

1. Covin Turbo

With a starting price of $6,500, this Porsche 911 replica was a total hit from the eighties. How come? Well, it follows the same shape and form of a Porsche 911 but majority has the engine of either a Ford CVH Fiesta XR2 or a Volkswagen Beetle.

2. Mercedes-Benz 500E

Yes, Porsche lent a helping hand in making the Mercedes-Benz 500E, which technically makes it a Porsche in terms of manufacturing and engineering. The price? Let’s just say it will now only cost you about $13,000-$19,500. Otherwise you can opt for the cheaper Lada Samara that Porsche has also co-created.

3. Porsche Diesel Tractor

Okay, so this one is for those who want to plough through a meadow or the countryside. But in any case, it’s still a Porsche and it sells on eBay for as low as $5,200.

4. Porsche Cayenne

Now more affordable, the Cayenne particularly the Turbo with a naturally aspirated V8 engine can be had for the price of $5,800.

5. Porsche 914

It’s a classic with basically a price that doesn’t grow old along with the car. For $10,000-$26,000, you can now own a 1.7-liter Porsche with approximately 80 bhp.

6. Porsche 928

Who would think this Porsche with massive aluminum front engine GT could be yours to keep at $13,000? Many of which come with automatic transmission but there are quite a handful out there with manual transmission. Take your pick.

7. Porsche Boxster / Cayman

For only $3,900, this sports car is niftier on the road than a Porsche 911, not to mention more affordable. Meanwhile the Boxster S, or the one with the mightier engine can cost you around $7,800. Better yet, watch out for the stoic-looking Cayman coupe to cost somewhere within $13,000.

8. Porsche 944 / Porsche 968

Porsche’s 944/968 model range is huge enough which makes it even easier for every guy out there to have the Porsche car of his dreams. Say, for $9,100, he can now have the Porsche 944 S2. There is even one for as low as $3,900.

9. Porsche 996

With prices ranging from $13,000 to $26,000, you can still have the chance to own a Porsche that not only comes with a good resale value, but is also enjoyable to use for your daily drive.

10. Porsche 924 S

Packing 125 bhp, others even as meager as 95 bhp, the 924 S 2.0 liter is considerably more practical and offers efficient handling capability. Otherwise you can opt for the 170/177bhp Turbo version if you want something that runs a little faster. You will find such a model starting from around $2,000.

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