Uber will ban its customers who want to have sex in cars

Article by Christian A., on December 15, 2016

Horsing around at the backseat of a car may be a bit too old for many. But some folks still engage for a li’l bit of “foolin’ around”. One thing leads to another and before you know it, you’d be asked to go home and take a walk. If you have thoughts about getting down and dirty while riding an Uber car, well don’t! Uber has already made a list, checked it twice and will see to it who’s been naughty or nice.

Since holiday is just around the corner, Uber has probably anticipated that there will be a lot of late night parties, booze, sex, et cetera. Name it, it could all happen in one night. Yes, even onboard a public transport like Uber.

Let’s see what Uber has got on its bucket list. First and foremost, the new set of guidelines now has a “no sex rule” policy. Uber has made it clear that passengers follow its “no sexual conduct with fellow riders” and God forbid, even with the driver. Uber could disable your account permanently if you break their cardinal rule.

What’s more, hitting and hurting one another is not allowed either. But why would you do that if you were trying to get “close” to someone. Unless you want to pull off a stunt a la “Fifty shades of Grey” maybe?

Uber also added a rule that there should be no “unwanted contact” with the driver or passenger after the service is completed. For instance, stalking your fellow passenger or driver at his or her house. This also includes “no calling and texting” after you’ve reached your destination. This is between the driver and the passenger by the way. We wonder how this could happen when your mobile number remains anonymous when using the app. At least in most countries.

Understandably, the guidelines also cover damaging the car, vandalism, smoking, discrimination, verbal abuse and disrespect. And so if you had a drink too many and ended up cursing and throwing up inside the car, you could be in trouble too.

All things considered, Uber will come up with an autonomous vehicle technology that could end all these “passenger-and-driver” concerns. The semi autonomous car is currently under development and is tested in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. That means, there’s a chance that a “driverless” Uber car will arrive to pick you up in the near future. Until then, do your private stuff somewhere else.

Press Release

The Golden Rule

Treat people as you would like to be treated yourself. It’s a universal truth we were all taught by our parents. And something that’s important here at Uber. That’s because whether you’re a passenger trying to get from A to B—or a driver wanting to earn money—we want everyone to enjoy the ride.

That’s why we’re updating our Community Guidelines today. They now explain in plain English the kind of behavior we expect from both riders and drivers when using Uber. As part of these ground rules, for the first time we’re publishing a policy explaining why riders can lose access to Uber—just as we already do with drivers.

This is important because when drivers use Uber they do more than simply drive: they’re sharing their own car, their space, their time and a slice of who they are with passengers. We all know drivers who go above and beyond to create a five-star experience for their riders: from helping an elderly person get into and out of the car to offering water for the trip or making sure that riders get home safely after a night out.

Most riders show drivers the respect they deserve. But some don’t—whether it’s leaving trash in the car, throwing up in the back seat after too much alcohol or asking a driver to break the speed limit so they can get to their appointment on time. This kind of poor behavior is not OK, which is why we will take action against passengers who are rude, abusive or violent.

We’re proud that Uber brings people together who come from very different backgrounds: whether it’s tourists seeing the sights; co-workers sharing a trip on uberPOOL; or students driving to earn extra money. Everyone can enjoy a five-star ride when people respect each other’s differences and treat their traveling companions the way they’d like to be treated themselves.

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