How much would you pay for the first used Bugatti Chiron in the UK?

Article by Christian A., on November 8, 2017

One of the best feelings a person would experience is driving a brand new car that came straight from the dealership, especially if its something like a Bugatti Chiron that you probably have worked hard for. Also, we are all aware that any car depreciates the moment we take it out for a ride - but not this one.

Finally, the very first “usedBugatti Chiron in the UK has reached the market, and it looks like the previous owner is not going to lose money. But instead, he will earn another £1M ($1.32M) since he first purchased it. The car is currently listed at a specialist supercar dealer Romans International in Surrey, UK.

Today, the black car, which was one of the very first examples delivered in the UK, has a market value of £3.6M ($4.78M). That is £1.1M more than its original £2.5M tag price when it first came out. How lucky is the owner considering that this car has already been used. This example is also one of just 500 examples built for the Bugatti’s whole 10 year lifespan.

The Bugatti Chiron alone is one unique car, but it can be made even more special when customized. And the owner of this particular model has ticked the option box to have a leather and carbon interior that costed him £53,000 ($70,400). That price alone costs more that many cars in the market. It also has carbon fiber seats for an additional £16,000 ($21,250). Sounds a lot? Well, that is probably why there is a million pound profit.

Of course, this is nothing new or shocking to specialists at Romans International. In fact, they are pretty much used to stuff like these. According to them, they recently sold a Maserati MC12 and two Ferrari LaFerraris this year, each one costing at around £3M ($3.98M). Sounds like a pain in the bank account.

Romans International director, Tom Jaconelli, said that to get your hand on a Bugatti Chiron, you will have to order one now, but it will take around three to four years to build and finally deliver the car to its respective owner. He also said that the model still has not been sold out, but would you rather wait that long, or spend around double the amount to get your hands on one instantly - tough choice isn’t it? If I had a lot of extra cash, then I’ll probably just go for the more expensive one.

He also said that the Bugatti Chiron is the ultimate car, amongst the world’s most beautiful and expensive cars that you see in the Romans showroom. They are glad to have the very first example in their showroom, considering the fact that it is the most desirable car in the world.

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