Design interns create revolutionary VW Varok coupe-pickup concept

Article by Christian A., on February 9, 2017

Have you seen a shooting brake (wagon) that could be transformed into a pickup, and vice-versa? Well, if you have been to Australia or to New Zealand, it is high likely that you have seen the so-called “ute,” which is basically a passenger car with an integrated cargo bed. In other words, an ute is a low-lying two-door coupe pickup.

Now, exterior designer Valentin Fuchs and visualization designer Pierre Joveneaux – both design interns at Volkswagen – have posted their own take of the ute – the VW Varok. Designed for the Australian market, the VW Varok is an innovative ute concept that could be used either as a three-passenger high-utility low-lying pickup or as a five-passenger shooting brake with ample space for some cargo. With this capability, the VW Varok concept should be a no-compromise ute boasting of everyday utility.

Fuchs and Joveneaux posted their work on Behance, an online platform that allows creative professionals across different industries and companies to showcase as well as discover creative work. Fuchs remarked that the goal of the Varok project was to imagine how the German carmaker could enter in the Australian market with an ute vehicle.

So far, no auto company from Germany has tried to offer an ute in Australia. Carmakers like General Motors (via Holden and Chevrolet) Ford and Chrysler, as well as Toyota, Nissan, Suzuki, Proton and Subaru had sold or have been selling utes in Australia. BMW had created a BMW M3 ute, although this vehicle was a one-off workshop transport vehicle that is used internally by the carmaker.

As for the VW Varok Concept, Fuchs and Joveneaux were inspired by the Vauxhall Maloo ute and the Volvo V90 luxury wagon. In fact, some design elements in the Maloo and the V90 can be found – albeit in more revolutionary forms – in the VW Varok. In fact, the rear end of the VW Varok has some similarities with that of the Volvo V90. According to the designer duo, the VW Varok in pickup form is capable of hauling a surfboard or a small dirt bike. It even has a hook-like element.

More than being a high-utility coupe-like pick-up, the VW Varok could represent a break from the current design of the carmaker’s SUVs. Even its own designers are saying that the newly unveiled VW Atlas has a boring design that dates back four years ago. But no one could say that about the VW Varok. Its exterior design is revolutionary. It features an imposing muscular front end with sleek headlight units. It dons clean surfaces marked by some swage lines. Its sporty muscularity is underlined by the use of silver/chrome and black matte finishes converging from the B-pillar downwards, as well as by uniquely designed wheels.

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