Zoki Nanco shows off rendering of Ferrari 288 GTO R

Article by Christian A., on August 16, 2017

Back in the 1980s, Ferrari was not able to come up with a proper 288 GTO Group B racer that could go against the Audi Sport Quattro, as well as the BMW M1 and Porsche 959. This is why the racing series has been discontinued after four years in 1986. Decades later, there are still those who dream of a Ferrari Group B racer, and here is a rendering based on the 288.

This artist calls his work a 288 GTO R. Zoki Nanco imagined a modern version of the racer, complete with wings, louvers, and diffusers - and it is looking quite solid. We are pretty sure that the “R” in its name stands for race. Looking at it, it comes with a bit more aggression compared to the standard 288 GTO Group B, but less than the 288 Evoluzione that we saw in 1987.

By looking at the photos, it’s obvious that it is meant to stand out, with its beautiful orange paint combined with a strutted front splitter, side skirts, and a massive diffuser. Altogether, they complement the 288’s overall look. The rear comes with a wing that adds aerodynamic properties when it is on the track. It comes equipped with a set of HRE wheels that are wearing Yokohama tires. We can tell that this would stick out if it has been added to the Group B lineup.

Since this is all in Nanco’s imagination, the closest we could get to knowing what is under the hood is by guessing. Considering that the 288 GTO had a 2.9 liter biturbo V8 that could give out as much as 395 horsepower (294 kilowatts) and 366 pound feet (496 Newton metres) of torque, while the Evoluzione with a maximum output of 650 horsepower (484 kW) that had a top speed of 225 miles per hour (362 kilometers per hour); we would think that this rendered 288 GTO R will be somewhere in between both models. Having said that, our guess would be somewhere around 500 horsepower (372 kilowatts) as we do not think it is more powerful than the Evoluzione.

After all that discussion about the Ferrari 288 GTO R, we are sad to say that this rendering will likely not be realized. And we doubt that it will actually be built no matter how cool it is. If you are a serious fan of this concept and want one for yourself, the closest you could get to this is to purchase a base GTO, and have it converted to look like this rendering. But we assure you that it will cost you a lot of precious time and money.

Source: Zoki Nanco

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