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BMW 6-Series Gran Coupe (F06) (2012 - )

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Official BMW 6-Series Gran Coupe (F06) (2012 - )

At last, the Bavarian answer for the 2012 Mercedes-Benz CLS has arrived: this is the 2012 Bmw 6-Series Gran Coupe. For those who don’t know, this is the third model in the Bmw 6-Series lineup, after the Convertible and Coupe, and according to the manufacturer the new car promises to offer an u

BMW 6-Series Gran Coupe (F06) (2012 - ) News

In line with the 100th anniversary celebration of BMW Japan, the brand has once again released another limited-edition model which...
BMW created new segments with surprising vehicles such as the X6, X4, 5-Series GT as well as the 3-Series GT....
The standard BMW 6-Series Gran Coupé is one of the most sophisticated luxury cars ever made. It features noble lines...
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