Infiniti gives sneak peek of new concept model before unveiling at Detroit Auto Show

Article by Christian A., on December 22, 2017

Infiniti has released a teaser of the concept that the brand is grooming to be its future flagship sedan. In announcing this teaser, the brand revealed that the concept model is an excellent preview of its new generation of vehicles. It is also the first example of the brand’s new design language. The concept model will be officially unveiled during the North American International Auto Show in Detroit to be held in January 2018.

While the teaser photo does show the direction the brand is leaning towards, increasing the contrast allows for a better look at the line. The narrow headlight combined with the crevice that goes along the hood going to the fender results in the front section having a more menacing appearance. Meanwhile the presence of the saw-tooth on the model’s grille gives this area a more aggressive feel. Based on the photo, it is likely that this concept sedan will not have that angular aesthetic and instead, it will have flowing lines.

It was back in November when Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. Senior Vice President for Global Design Alfonso Albaisa accidentally disclosed that the brand would unveil a concept model for a new flagship sedan during the Detroit Motor Show. It was revealed as well that Nissan would be showing off a production model that is but a few years away from arriving at showrooms. According to Albaisa, the usual four-door version can be considered as being out of fashion and this new concept model can be described as a “sexy sedan.”

Talking about the teaser, Infiniti Executive Design Director Karim Habib shared that the new concept car from Infiniti will take the standard sedan architecture to the next evolutionary level. For the auto industry, he added, the move has been for vehicles to have powertrains that are less intrusive while being more compact and smarter. He continued by saying that with this in mind, the brand was able to come out with an alternative form that not only has flowing lines but also offer a more enriching experiencing while boasting a more engaging character. Habib said that through a mix of muscular stance, balanced proportions, and a long cabin, the concept model is able to signal a new age for models from Infiniti.

At present, the largest sedan in the brand’s range is the Q70. However with deliveries amounting only to 5,366 units starting January all the way to November, the Q70 remains to be the company’s weakest selling product in the U.S.

Also known as the Detroit Auto Show, the North American International Auto Show is usually held in January. It continues to be North America’s largest and biggest auto show.

Source: Infiniti

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