Land Rover not coming to the 2012 Detroit Auto Show, going to New Delhi instead

Article by Christian A., on November 4, 2011

The fact that the 2012 Detroit Auto Show and the 2012 New Delhi Auto Show will overlap in early 2012 has gotten some automakers conflicted. This wouldn’t have even been an issue two years ago but India appears to be on a serious growth spurt. Jaguar Land Rover wants to intensify its efforts to build its brands in this growing market.

This is why it has decided to show its latest concept vehicles at the Delhi Show in January.

JLR has displayed its newest models at the Frankfurt show and is scheduled to bring them to the upcoming Los Angeles show. JLR explained that it won’t join the Detroit show this year since it doesn’t have a new model to show in Detroit anyway. There have been reports that at the LA show, Land Rover will unveil a facelifted version of the newest DC100 concept that previews the Defender replacement.

It’s likely that Jaguar will introduce its C-X16 Concept in India. This had debuted in Frankfurt. Another compelling reason for JLR to prioritize New Delhi over Detroit is because Indian automaker Tata now owns Jaguar and Land Rover. The concepts currently can’t be targeted at the U.S. market.

It was back during the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show when the brand released two contemporary versions of this iconic model with the DC100 and the DC100 Sport concepts.

No matter which version is chosen, both are sure to have the never-say-die, daring, and adventurous spirit of the brand. This is the same spirit that was first set in 1948 under the Series 1. The Series 1 was the first civilian 4x4 to be mass produced and that became celebrated for both the Land Rover name and best example of British engineering.

As it relates to design, the Land Rover always begins with excellent proportions and these two versions are no different. It continues to have the basic design elements that result in it having that capability and distinct quality. These include the amazing ground clearance, command driving position, four-square stance, and the overhangs in the front and the rear being shorter.

When it comes to the surface language of the exterior, everything is about strength and simplicity. Across the length of the model for example is the strong shoulder with its defining corners.

The exterior surface language is all about simplicity and strength, with a strong shoulder running the full length of the vehicle and defining the corners. Meanwhile the interior has that distinctly Land Rover feel. By having a low center console, it gives that feel of open space. Meanwhile the instrument panel has strong chamfers that have been incorporated to the structure of its A-pillar.

One advantage that this particular design has is that it comes with a certain flexibility. Its central instrument for instance can be separated from the vehicle and instead used on the outside with its on foot navigation or using the inbuilt cameras, capture remote explorations using film. For these two concepts, the brand is offering customers a glimpse of what the future may hold for the Land Rover.

Indeed, both the DC100 and the DC100 Sport show that this celebrated and iconic brand remains to be focused on the future and that just because it continues to value its heritage does not mean that it won’t allow for innovation. For the two concept cars, it contains the four basic design elements from the brand but with a different tone.

The first is Desirability which is making sure that these models will offer ownership experience that can meet, or even go above, expectations. The second element is Premium Durability which is made possible by putting in that extra attention to detail, the engineering integrity, choice of materials, and the 'fit for purpose' design solutions. The third is called Sustainability and here recycled materials and lightweight ones are utilized.

By practicing the principle of long life, engineering is more than assured and even the longevity of the design is guaranteed. Finally there is functionality. The brand made sure to utilize a new approach and evidence of this is how the capability and design are balanced. Then there is also the ingenious features and modularity like the innovative stowage solutions and the flexible seating.

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