NAIAS 2017: Samsung unveils its next generation EV battery

Article by Christian A., on January 18, 2017

The 2017 Detroit Auto Show is getting hotter by the minute. Samsung SDI recently announced that it’s going to unleash its new and awesome lithium battery within the next 3 years.

Electric car owners will surely rejoice after hearing this news. How come? Well, the new battery is Samsung’s answer to all your battery-related anxieties. It comes with a range of up to 373 miles and charges in just 20 minutes. The battery is also lighter by ten percent as it has fewer components compared with other competing brands.

We hope this isn’t anything like the Galaxy Note 7’s battery. Samsung’s promising new technology is expected to hit the roads on or before 2020. It will be offered to car manufacturers should they want to improve their EV’s performance. The battery can go as far as 500 kilometers or 310 miles at eighty percent charge. On a full charge, it can take you as far as 600 kilometers or 373 miles. Considering you only need a few minutes to recharge, that’s still a lot of miles in between breaks.

The Korean company has a new manufacturing plant in Hungary and this is also where they will be producing Samsung SDI’s new product. The new facility, also believed to have cost a total of $357 million, has the capacity to produce batteries for as many as 50,000 purely electric vehicles. From what we heard, they would soon offer their new technology to Ford, Tesla and BMW.

In other news, Samsung also talked about its latest 21700 cylindrical battery at the ongoing Detroit Auto Show. The battery is expected to come with improved performance, power and energy density. Its name is taken after the battery’s 21mm diameter and 70mm length which will be produced together with Panasonic and Tesla. The 21700 will be manufactured in Tesla’s Gigafactory in Las Vegas Nevada.

In connection with the ongoing demands for better fuel efficiency, Samsung SDI is also introducing its complete line of 48V and 12V LVS (or Low Voltage Systems). Unlike that of the usual combustion engines, the new products can provide up to 20 per cent fuel savings. Perhaps this is also Samsung’s answer to today’s stricter carbon dioxide emissions regulations.

According to Samsung SDI’s Sehwoong Jeong, in their continuing efforts to provide the industry-leading products and technologies that meet the demands of their market and consumers, the company will be contributing to the rapid market transition to EVs both in North America and globally.

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