Gumpert Apollo is a super sports car like no other!

Article by Christian A., on January 18, 2016

With 650 hp, a top speed of 360 km per hour, and acceleration capability from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in only 3 seconds, it is easy to see why the Gumpert Apollo is any sports car driver’s dream. It manages to combine track racing with the practical side of everyday driving in one vehicle and as soon as you know what it’s capable of, you’ll realize that it comes at a reasonable price.

Gumpert Sportwagenmanufaktur prides itself on its ethos of precision and exclusivity. Encompassing the word ‘manufacturer’ within its name, it is clear to see the company has a passion and drive when it comes to manufacturing of its vehicles.

It has developed a reputation of skilled craftsmanship and hand-produced products. Managing Director and Founder Roland Gumpert has inspired his employees to combine engineering excellence with racing prowess. Gumpert is an established name in the motorsports environment.

Back in the flower power, hip flaring time of the mid 1970s, Gumpart was an established Audi manager and developed the four wheel drive ‘Iltis’ which paved the way for the successful ‘Quattro’ that we know and recognise today. One of his many outstanding achievements has to be in 1979 when he got the ‘Iltis’ machine ready for the Paris-Dakar rally which ended in penultimate success when it won the race.

Under his expert hand, Audi Sport went on to secure 25 World Rally Championship races and was a four-time winner of the World Rally Championship. What is the secret to Gumpert’s success I hear you ask? Well Gumpert’s rise to professional acclaim is due to his ability to develop innovative ideas with new and effective technology. A James Bond meets Apple kind of guy.

Under his infectious leadership, a team of motor sports and automotive experts was formed which gave birth to the Gumpert Apollo. With his tutelage, they were able to create a delicate balance between expert craftsmanship finesse and high tech gadgets.

Gumpert is limiting the Apollo to a select view enhancing the elites of the vehicle further. With a maximum of 100 vehicles being produced yearly, it is certain to be a sought after car with membership to the exclusive Apollo club. The company is privately financed and independent. It has the financial backing of some high profile investors. Their financial contribution has enabled the company to expand into the international market.

The impetus behind the Apollo was to create a super sports car that utilises aerodynamic performance, the fast pace of an elite sports car and the aesthetics of beautiful design. The entire shape of the exterior has been designed to utilise aerodynamics. Enlarged air inlets and outlets at the front and sides of the vehicle maximise the vehicle’s performance and the design has been fully tested in variety of wind tunnel tests.

Apollo is dominant in its size (4.46 m length, nearly 2 m wide, and 1.24 m tall). This mid-engine vehicle has a dominant cockpit and a long wheel base. It has been designed with performance in mind. Further developing its sporting image, the Apollo follows Formula 1 by using the large inlets and outlets to enhance performance further by supplying the two turbo chargers and the high performance braking system with air.

From the rear of the vehicle, you can see the diffuser and the underbody which are coated entirely in carbon. This, together with the front diffuser and flow channels, gives exceptional down pull and traction. You cannot help but be impressed when you see the Gumpert Apollo in action. It masterfully combines strength, muscle and power with sporting prowess. If you happen to take a role in the Apollo, you can rest assured that the round tube chrome- molybdenum steel roll cage reinforced with the highest quality carbon fibre supporting the frame, will keep you safe.

The 161 kg (355 lbs) frame is so durable and bend resistant that it has been granted European MOT approval. In fact, the vehicle meets the international manufacture specifications of motor sports. The Gumpert Apollo is an impressive vehicle.

It is fast, lightweight, and capable of keeping driver and passenger safe in a collision. It combines the power of the racing car and the science of aerodynamics in one dramatic muscular package. The Apollo is a super car crying out to be driven. So strap in, hold on and get ready to feel like a F1 racing driver. Get ready for the drive of your life.

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