Jeep Treo Concept: an offroader with zero emissions

Article by Christian A., on March 8, 2016

Making its debut at the 37th Tokyo Motor Show was the Chrysler Group’s concept vehicle that pushed the boundaries of the Jeep brand. The Jeep Treo Concept explores new possibilities in design, technology and environmental protection. The classic Jeep design has had a revamp. It now proudly sports a seven bar grille with a dominant airy windscreen.

The interior seats three passengers and despite its airy feel, it is very compact. Therefore, if your passengers have bags, it’s really a two seater plus gear arrangement. The Treo has an all new platform which uses modern technology to highlight the range of possibilities for future Chrysler production cars.

Using drive by wire technology, zero emission fuel cell and electric drive powertrain, the Treo provides a constant four-wheel driving experience. The impetus behind this concept car was for the Chrysler designers to speculate 10 years into the future and design a concept car that exceeds anything in the automotive world today.

The Treo is powered by twin electric motors which drive the front and rear wheels which enable full time, four-wheel drive option. The Treo is also ‘technology ready’, which means it can adapt to the rapidly changing techno environment.

This is evident in the drive by wire, fuel cells and advanced powertrains. This is further enhanced by the way the Treo will be introduced to the public at the Tokyo Motor Show. Chrysler has designed an Anime animation popular in the Asian markets and throughout the world. It is high tech, offering exciting animation which seems to encapsulate the design impetus behind Treo.

Exterior Design

The vehicle is urban drive ready, stylish with clean edges, and compact. Its intended fuel source is not available yet, but Chrysler’s understanding of what the next generation of drivers will be looking for is evident. The front silhouette is a fresh new shape built up from the classic Jeep face.

The rear then tapers in a tear drop shape with two domineering spar wings containing the rear lights. They also enable twin Jeep Rubicon mountain bikes to be mounted to the vehicle which will no doubt appeal to the active modern day driver.

The rear hatch is made easily accessible because of a large cut out notch ensuring that you can get to your gear with ease, ideal for when you spontaneously spot that great surf. The vehicle is well prepared for off road action with flared wheel arches to give the enormous tyres plenty of room for manoeuvring.

There are tow hooks on the front end. It offers impressive visibility due to the headlamps and mirrors. The Treo walks the walk and talks the talk with military style tyre tread. It also helps that its front suspension is exposed and it has a hiking boot tread on the sill plate. It is clear this is a vehicle for off road adventures. What is most appealing about this vehicle is it offers an exciting off road experience but in a compact size.

The design is deceptively roomy as it makes excellent use of space. It is a thing of earthy beauty. From each angle, the vehicle seduces you with its rugged charms.

Interior Design

The interior continues this theme as there is nothing fancy or luxurious about this jeep. It offers a basic, practical interior. The steering wheel, column, pedals, speedometer and other information are positioned in one defined module.

Appealing to the home and international markets, the whole unit can move position through a slot on the dash catering for both right and left hand driving. You can literally drive this monster anywhere. A second portable module houses the global positioning satellite locator (essential for all off road driving), and climate controls.

All are operated through touch control. The seats are lightweight carbon fibre frame with transparent material as if to reveal the vehicle’s strong skeleton. Need more space? The rear seats can lay flat providing space for gear.

Worried about security for your Rubicon bikes? No problem, simply detach the front wheels of the bikes and they can be secured safely in the rear interior without losing the third passenger seat. Despite being compact, there is a feeling of space due to the large windscreen, glass panoramic sunroof extending over the passenger space and the transparent seven slotted front grille.

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