2010 Kia Sorento at the Frankfurt Motor Show

Article by Christian A., on September 3, 2009

The longer and lower Kia Sorento SUV incorporates the new design DNA of Kia to its already “stand-out” looks with a more futuristic style and a bold sense of both dynamism and power. This SUV comes in either the five-seater or seven-seater option. The Kia Sorento is considered as a “Highline Cruiser’ that has a more luxurious and spacious cabin. High-tech features of the Kia Sorento include an engine start button, safety reversing camera, keyless entry, and it even has a panoramic glass sunroof.

Engineers at KIA replaced the usual body-on-frame structure with a newly designed monocoque bodyshell that improves refinement and reduces the weight by as much as 215 kg. The Kia Sorento is also sleeker than the prior models measuring 4.7 meters in length with a Cd 0.38 aerodynamic drag figure.

The Sorento utilizes 2.2-liter diesel engine, which is the popular choice for engines in Europe, and is capable of producing 197 ps. The engine can be paired with the 6-speed manual or Kia’s own proprietary 6-speed automatic transmission.

Both the handling balance and ride of the Sorento have leaned toward the on-road driving style of Europe but not at the expense of the off-road talents that Kia has been known for. Kia also offers its “EcoDynamics” sub-brand which is the term given to eco-friendly cars of the brand that has emission-cutting and fuel stretching technologies.

The “EcoDynamics” originally premiered during the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2009. The EcoDynamics models of KIA come equipped with ISG that can automatically turn off and restart the engine when driving through a congested area. It also has a gear shift up/down indictor and power-saving alternator management in order to promote a more economical style of driving.

Rounding up these many features is the Michelin low rolling resistance tires. Newer models of the EcoDynamics are expected to incorporate technologies that can reduce emission of CO2 and other pollutants like high-efficiency transmissions, alternative fuel capabilities, hybrid powertrains, and streamlined body parts.

In addition to being environment friendly, the EcoDynamics from Kia will continue to have a fun-to-drive performance and sporty design, including a stronger appeal especially for the young at heart. The EcoDynamics that was premiered at the Frankfurt Motor Show showed three models: the Kia Sorento Hybrid, Forte LPI Hybrid, and Kia cee'd Hybrid.

Press Release

European premiere of all-new seven-seat Kia Sorento

The all-new five- or seven-seater Kia Sorento SUV is longer and lower, with futuristic styling and a bold sense of power and dynamism, incorporating Kia's new design DNA into its 'stand-out' looks. New Sorento is a 'Highline Cruiser' that features a much more spacious and luxurious cabin. Available high-tech features will include: keyless entry, engine start button, safety reversing camera and a panoramic glass sunroof.

Kia engineers have replaced the body-on-frame structure and designed an all-new monocoque bodyshell – achieving a weight loss of up to 215 kg and greatly improved refinement. The 4.7-metre long SUV is also significantly sleeker than the previous model with an aerodynamic drag figure of Cd 0.38.

The most popular engine choice in Europe is expected to be the all-new 2.2-litre diesel which produces 197 ps. It will be offered with a six-speed manual or Kia's all-new world-class six-speed automatic transmission. New Sorento's ride and handling balance has been biased more towards European on-road driving styles, without diminishing the original model's renowned off-road talents.

Introduction of Kia's 'EcoDynamics' sub-brand
The Frankfurt Motor Show will mark the world premiere of Kia's new 'EcoDynamics' sub-brand – the name which will be applied to the most eco-friendly cars within each Kia model range, as innovative fuel-stretching and emissions-cutting technologies are progressively introduced.

The EcoDynamics vehicles at the show will be equipped with ISG to automatically switch off and then restart the engine in congested city driving, a power-saving alternator management system, a gear-shift up/down indicator to encourage an economical driving style and low rolling resistance Michelin tyres.

Future EcoDynamics vehicles will also feature additional C02 and pollutant reducing technologies such as streamlined body parts, alternative fuel capabilities, high-efficiency transmissions and hybrid, electric or fuel-cell powertrains.

While delivering significant environmental benefits, Kia's EcoDynamics vehicles will retain a sporty design, fun-to-drive performance and a strong appeal for the young-at-heart. The 'EcoDynamics' zone at Frankfurt will display three new models – the Forte LPI Hybrid, Kia cee'd Hybrid and Kia Sorento Hybrid.

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