2013 Frankfurt: BMW Concept X5 Security Plus wants to take care of you

Article by Christian A., on September 13, 2013

BMW’s stand at the Frankfurt Motor Show this year features an armored concept version of the third-gen X5 that is named the Security Plus. BMW said that it’s the lone car in its class that provides protection against organized crime, kidnapping and violent assault and complies with all the VR6 protection level requirements.

BMW developed this vehicle for buyers who value protection. These include customers from Russia, Africa and South America. The armoured version is virtually identical to the regular model. BMW base the armoured X5 to an armored passenger cell built using high-performance steel mouldings and panels that protect as many as four people against an AK-47 attack.

It features specially made security glass that can resist attack coming from blunt weapons. It also has sealed joints that prevent bullet or fragment penetration. It is powered by a V8 TwinPower Turbo engine that develops 450 hp (330 kW) distributed to the xDrive all-wheel drive system. 

BMW claims that it optimized the SAV's chassis, braking and electronic management systems to adjust to the heavier car. BMW also produced an X5 Security version that offers VR4 protection, which is aimed at general street crime.

Maximal safeguards come from security features integrated in the vehicle. Like every BMW Security models, the arrangements for outfitting the security parts and equipment of the BMW Concept X5 Security Plus were a part, from the beginning, of developing the BMW X5 production car. The result of this was an integrated system that considers every active and passive safety principles and provides maximised protection. Simultaneously, the chassis and electric management and brake systems are optimised to the heavier automobile weight. These models’ performances are now almost exactly equal to the regular BMW X5 model.

Also, all BMW Security models have been strictly tested and internally proved, and, in certain cases, the testing goes well beyond requirements. Hot and cold climate tests, for example, ensure the dependability and operational ability of the BMW Security models even when facing the most extreme situations. The all-encompassing security ideals also include training regimes to teach drivers how to correctly handle and operate BMW Security automobiles.

BMW discreetly integrated Security into the workings. Basing the Security models on the new BMW X5, they are constructed in parallel with the normal production cars at the BMW Spartanburg plant in the US. The special safety and security features are installed by an extremely skilled specialist team in Mexico at the Toluca plant.

Not like retrofitted armour that could create flaws in the protection or put excessive strain on certain parts because of its additional weight, the factory-outfitted integrated BMW security features give continuous protection and eliminates the risk of possible weak spots. An additional bonus of the BMW Security models is the subtle blend of security features. An expert scrutiny could not detect it. The BMW Concept X5 Security Plus is almost completely identical to the production model – because being inconspicuousness can also be a valuable security feature.

Press Release

BMW Concept X5 Security Plus

At the Frankfurt International Motor Show 2013, BMW will be presenting the third generation of its highly successfulSAV (Sports Activity Vehicle), together with a third generation of a Security version based on the regular model. The BMW Concept X5 Security Plus is the only vehicle in this class which fulfills the requirements of protection level VR6. Offering all-round protection against violent assault, kidnapping and organised crime, this model therefore meets the needs of risk-exposed private individuals and prominent public figures with enhanced security needs. Particularly in regions like South America, Africa or Russia, these are often important customer considerations. BMW has also developed a further version, the BMW X5 Security, which meets the requirements of protection level VR4 and provides reliable protection against general street crime. Both the BMW X5 Security and the BMW Concept X5 Security Plus combine effective occupant protection and generous comfort with the dynamic performance, agility and versatility typical of the BMW X models.

Built around an armoured passenger cell. The BMW Concept X5 Security Plus protection concept is based on an armoured passenger cell constructed from high-performance steel mouldings and panels and offering secure protection for up to four occupants against assault from the world’s most popular firearm, the AK-47. To prevent bullet or fragment penetration it features sealed joints which provide protection specifically, for example, in the critical areas around doors or where panels adjoin body pillars. The security glass specially developed for this protection level is also resistant to attack by blunt weapons. The polycarbonate coating on the inside of the glass provides effective protection against flying splinters. Thanks to its excellent driveability – not least due to the superior performance of the powerful 330 kW/450 hp V8 petrol engine with BMW TwinPower Turbo technology and the intelligent BMW xDrive all-wheel-drive system – the BMW Concept X5 Security Plus can be manoeuvred safely even in difficult situations, both on and off surfaced roads.

Integrated security features for maximum protection. As with all BMW Security models, the preparations for fitting the security-specific components and technologies of the BMW Concept X5 Security Plus were integrated from the outset in the development of the regular BMW X5 production model. As a result, the integrated system takes into account all active and passive safety criteria and offers maximum protection. At the same time the chassis, electronic management systems and brake system have been optimally adapted to the increased vehicle weight. The performance of these models is therefore virtually on a par with a regular BMW X5 model.

In addition, all BMW Security models are subjected to strict tests and internal proving which in some cases go far beyond statutory testing requirements. Hot-climate and cold-climate testing, for example, ensures the reliability and operational capability of BMW Security models even under extreme conditions. The extensive security concept also includes training programmes to instruct drivers in the correct handling and operation of Security vehicles.

Security discreetly integrated ex-works. The Security models based on the new BMW X5 are built in parallel with the regular production models at the BMW Spartanburg plant in the USA. The special security features themselves are installed by a highly skilled specialist workforce at the Toluca plant in Mexico. Unlike retrofitted armouring, which can still leave chinks in the protection, or can put excess strain on certain components due to the extra weight, the integrated factory-fitted BMW security features provide seamless protection and exclude the risk of potential weak links. A further bonus of BMW Security models is the discreet integration of their security features. Even to an expert eye, the BMW Concept X5 Security Plus is virtually indistinguishable from a regular production model – because anonymity too can be a useful security feature.

Uncompromising protection and comfort. The BMW Concept X5 Security Plus is equally at home handling everyday driving situations and in situations which call for enhanced protection and nimble reactions. And despite the additional components designed to keep its occupants safe and sound, the BMW Concept X5 Security Plus offers the same comfort and

convenience familiar from regular BMW models. Ergonomic design, spaciousness and choice of optional equipment leave nothing to be desired. The Intelligent Emergency Call system is standard, while almost the entire BMW ConnectedDrive portfolio, with its extensive communication and information features and wide range of driver assistance systems, is optionally available.

Customised security solutions. Up front, BMW offers prospective customers discreet and confidential advice from highly competent experts, while the international BMW service network provides personalised support and dependable parts supplies. BMW can also offer unique security specification features which are tailored to the particular personal risk scenarios customers face and precisely meet these individual needs. BMW Security models can, for example, be supplied with LED strobe lights in the radiator grille, roof beacons with a siren system or an auxiliary battery. With this level of flexibility, BMW is able to provide highly customised solutions to meet special requirements, which also means a continuous expansion of the range of security systems and technologies offered.

More than 30 years’ experience of security vehicles. The design of the BMW Concept X5 Security Plus is based on more than 30 years of experience in the field. That is how long BMW has been developing special Security models designed to offer enhanced and highest-level protection against violent crime and its consequences. Few if any other carmakers in the world can draw on anything like BMW’s extensive range of expertise. With its long experience, its state-of-the-art technologies and high-tech materials, and its innovative engineering capabilities, BMW is ideally equipped to manufacture Security models like the BMW Concept X5 Security Plus, which offer maximum protection for all vehicle occupants in dangerous situations.

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