2013 IAA: Hamann does the Aventador Nervudo [Live Photos]

Article by Christian A., on September 12, 2013

HAMANN Motorsport has introduced its latest modification package for the Lamborghini Aventador, which is popularly regarded as one of the most powerful sports cars ever made. German firm Hamann made use of its own body concept. It also tweaked the performance of the car. The HAMANN NERVUDO is all about individuality. The front spoiler has ducts built from carbon fibre, allowing it to suck fresh air.

The two-piece front spoiler is built using ultra-light, high-strength motorsport material. This spoiler gives more downforce to the front wheels, resulting in an intensified grip. It has optimized aerodynamics, courtesy of its new side skirts. As a result, the airflow on the underbody is stabilized. Furthermore, the inlet apertures made from carbon give cooling airflow to the 12-cylinder unit, which gets as much air as it requires from the air inlet covers on the engine compartment.

HAMANN used glass panels, giving us a view of the powerhouse inside. But panels made from visible carbon are also available for those who don’t want this seen. Numerous improvements were done to the rear. It got a new rear spoiler. The rear diffuser was also replaced with something built from carbon fiber. Even the adjustable rear spoiler is built from this material. As a result, its aerodynamic is improved.

The sports exhaust muffler has also been tweaked specifically for the NERVUDO. HAMANN offers a Race Version which backfires as an option. HAMANN gave the vehicle some newly designed light-alloy wheels. A forging process was used for the multi-part HAMANN PROFESSIONAL, ensuring very low unsprung mass to optimize driving dynamics.

It rides on high-performance rims in 9x20 and 13x21 inches, covered with ultra high-performance tyres in 255/30ZR20 size at the front and 355/25/ZR21 at the rear. To boost its performance levels, HAMANN completely reworked the ECU, allowing the twelve cylinder to have an output of 760 hp (559 kW) from the standard figure of 700 hp (515 kW). Its engine has also been modified to now reach a maximum torque of 735 Newton metres (from 690 previously).

For the world-renowned Lamborghini, design has always been the excellence of audacious strength, the style of exceptional dynamics. From the first look, the newly-minted Aventador is indubitably a Lamborghini, dressed in the brand's trademark and exclusive design language - with its exceptionally potent sizes, its accurate lines and precise surfaces, and with tight robustness in each one of its details.

The Centro Stile Lamborghini designers have meticulously built this design language to allow the Lamborghini Aventador a remarkable new advantage. It is a vanguard masterpiece, an exhilaratingly dynamic model, from the keenly sharpened front end through to its exceptionally low roofline and the distinguishable rear diffuser. Each line has an unmistakable capacity, each form is directed by its demand for dexterity, yet the total look is nothing short of tremendous and stunning.

The doors open upward – of course

Truly remarkable sizes originate from a total length of 4.78 meters (188.19 in.) paralleled with an exceptional width of 2.26 meters (88.98 in.) including the exterior mirrors, and further complemented by an amazingly low height of only 1.136 mm (44.72 in.). It's a given that both doors of the carbon-fiber monocoque open upward - a quality that was first presented in the venerable Countach and afterward utilized for ensuing V12 models like the Diablo and Murciélago.

In any case, the Aventador likewise inspires its immediate predecessor the Murciélago - electronically managed air intakes open which depends upon the outdoor temperature and the demand for cooling air, guaranteeing peak aerodynamic productivity. Also, for those dreaming to parade the heart of their Lamborghini, the optional transparent engine bonnet displays the twelve-cylinder engine like a technical work of art in a display case.

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