2013 IAA: Opel presents the Monza Concept [Live Photos]

Article by Christian A., on September 11, 2013

Opel has given us more information about its new concept car, the Monza Concept, as this was introduced the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show. The Monza Concept offers a preview for Opel brand strategy. To sum it up, this concept vehicle is stylish and offers ultra-modern efficiency. Opel has previously used the name Monza in 1977 also at the IAA.

Opel used the name on a large coupe with a smooth-running six-cylinder engine. The Monza Concept presents us with a new interpretation of the sculptural design that was first seen on the Insignia, with certain distinctive lines, high-precision design and ideal sweeping contours. The Monza Concept is 4.69 meters long and is fitted with seats that are inspired by ocean waves lapping on the shore.

It has a height of only 1.31 meters but Opel claims that the passengers still have plenty of headroom because of the fact that the whole cockpit structure is about 15 centimeters lower than in traditional models. The Monza Concept has a 500-liter trunk space. The expansive doors offer maximum functionality but also look amazing when being opened.

Like a condor’s wings, these doors swing up to give a clear view of the spacious, open passenger cabin (or the surroundings from the inside) because it doesn’t have a B-pillar. What engineers built for the Monza Concept is an electric drive with a CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) range extender, a product of the advanced development of the Ampera’s pioneering technology.

With the Opel Monza Concept, the Opel designers present a fresh rendition of the sculptural design that first went into creation with the Insignia. Selected distinguished lines, high-precision design and flawless gliding contours remain at the center of the ingenious design philosophy called "Sculptural brilliance meets German precision." But another, energetic appeal exhibits the car's total proficiency.

This is the next daring stride along the brand’s travel into the future, but at the same time they demonstrate that they have built up a reliable design in which customers can build trust.

The sculptural surfaces of the 4.69 meter-long, 4-seat Monza Concept are designed after ocean waves swathing on the shore. These gliding surfaces give a look of daintiness, drastically highlighted by the side-sills that fade in front of the rear wheel arches. This exclusive styling feature is propelled by the lean body and thin waist of a greyhound dog, running as though on tip-toes with robust stylishness. The outline of the Monza Concept's body sides allows flawless passage and departure for front and rear-seat passengers, while highlighting the illustrious, energetic rear wheel arches, which share the same width as the front.

The Opel Monza Concept's roof line is significantly refined - at first it runs in a semicircle shape like a classic coupé's, however, just before touching the tailgate, it clears somewhat upwards. Regardless of its energetic look and dynamic outline with a height of only 1.31 meters, there is neither lack of space in the luggage compartment - 500 liters in volume - nor restricted headroom for the passengers. This is because of the way the entire cockpit is structured - around 15 centimeters lower than in ordinary models. Indeed, the Monza Concept provides the same airy passenger compartment such as that of a mid-size vehicle.

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