2014 Mazda3 showcased at 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show [Live Photos]

Article by Anita Panait, on September 13, 2013

The all-new Mazda3 took the center stage at Mazda’s stand at the 2013 Frankfurt International Motor Show this month. The Mazda3 has already received acclamations from motoring media and is currently proving its road durability and toughness on the 9,300-mile ‘Mazda Route3 Hiroshima-Frankfurt Challenger Tour 2013’ endurance drive from Japan to Germany.

The all-new Mazda3 features standard equipment that includes a brand new connectivity concept that makes the car one of the first models in Europe to take its occupants online.  The connectivity system builds on existing email, text and navigation features to bring a collection of free mobile online content into the vehicle like Facebook, Twitter, Aha. The system also comes with tens of thousands of cloud-based stations.

The all-new Mazda3 features the carmaker's widely acclaimed SKYACTIV technology and boasts of carrying the brand’s award-winning KODO design language. 

Adapted for the Mazda3’s sporty compact body, the KODO philosophy brings out an exterior that exudes a dynamic yet powerful stance that expresses superior build quality.

Available in either hatchback or fastback, the all-new Mazda3 features a very aerodynamically ‘clean’ design, with Cd values of 0.258 for the fastback and 0.275 for the hatchback. The all-new Mazda will be available in the United Kingdom in January 2014.

One glance at the all-new Mazda 3 immediately arouses the soul, grabbing hold of the spectator before tightening its grip. It attracts one in, getting beneath the skin. A link has been made, sowing the seeds of a long-standing relationship.

Behind this attraction is the "KODO - Soul of Motion" design theme. Propelled by the allure and vigor of nature, Mazda created KODO to take its unique feeling of longevity and dexterity above and beyond, for an unwavering new generation of vehicles that essentially asks to be driven.

Catching emotions

Always renowned and always distinguishably Mazda, the newly-released Mazda 3 still marks a renaissance of sorts. Mazda has concocted a genuinely passionate articulation of dynamic movement, developing KODO's confidence for the solid, lively C-segment proportions. Like earlier KODO models, the brand-new Mazda 3 presents a firm position improved by the compact looking, rear-inclining cabin.

Lower and broader than the present model, the car's smoothed silhouette, rising drastically towards the rear and supported by the strikingly flared fenders and huge, athletic aluminum wheels at the corners, reflects dexterity and robustness, including Mazda's trademark off-the-line power.

At first glance, the brand-new Mazda 3 lights a fire in the heart of the spectator, igniting the ingenuity to invoke the possible outcomes. The vigorous tension is joined with an alluring - and exceptionally unique - sensation of rhythm. Reflections off the glossy surface textures adjust like an emotion with the lighting and the watcher's position, at times cunning, at times extravagant, but constantly seizing the senses and lifting the mood.

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