Jaguar F-PACE kicks off world debut at Frankfurt with 360-degree stunt

Article by Christian A., on September 17, 2015

Jaguar sure knows how to announce its offerings. In fact, the British carmaker shocked and awed the motor world by having its all-new Jaguar F-PACE perform a gravity-defying stunt on the eve of the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show.

The stunt involved the F-PACE completing what is considered as the largest 360-degree loop in the world and lighting up the Frankfurt skyline with its C-X17-inspired silhouette. As breathtaking as the stunt is, it was a fitting global introduction for the performance crossover as the act highlighted its true capability in terms of agility, dynamics, responsiveness and refinement.

Additionally, the stunt was done to celebrate Jaguar's 80th anniversary. F-PACE performance capabilities are all brought by Jaguar’s use of the latest in engineering, design and technology. In fact, the crossover is derived from Jaguar’s C-X17 Concept vehicle and features full-LED headlights, a short front overhang and forged 22-inch wheels.

It also features the same F-TYPE styling touches like fender vents, unique tail light graphics and rear haunches, while elegantly donning a pure line, surface and proportion. Its front features an aggressive grille and a muscular aluminum bonnet – both hinting at the potency of what lies under them.

Interested buyers will have a wide range of F-PACE versions to choose from: F-PACE Pure, F-PACE Prestige, F-PACE Portfolio, F-PACE R-Sport, F-PACE S, F-PACE First Edition.

Interior Design

Inside this five-seat crossover are a number of Infotainment and connectivity technologies that make it more competitive. For instance, the F-PACE features the premium InControl Touch Pro system that includes a 10.2-inch touchscreen and that’s powered by a quad-core processor and a solid-state drive.

It also runs on ultra-fast Ethernet. With these specs, the system could dish out an instinctive and very fast user interface laden with responsive graphics. The crossover’s WIFI connection could accommodate eight devices at one time.

Additionally, the F-PACE features a navigation system that suggests the best route to a destination and even advices others of your estimated time of arrival.

This system offers an impressive way of understanding the navigation route, with its full-screen 3D view from the crossover’s 12.3-inch HD virtual instrument cluster. While inside, occupants would not have a hard time making themselves comfortable since the cabin offers generous head and knee room. Its luggage compartment, meanwhile, could store up to 650 liters of cargo.


Yes, the new Jaguar F-PACE can be powered by a 380 PS supercharged 3.0 V6 petrol engine (automatic AWD) that allows the crossover to accelerate from zero to 60mph in just 5.1 seconds and achieve an electronically limited max speed of 155mph.

Other available powertrains for the F-PACE include: 180PS 2.0-liter diesel in manual RWD or AWD, and automatic AWD; 240PS 2.0-liter gasoline in automatic RWD; 300PS 3.0-liter diesel automatic AWD; and 340PS 3.0-liter petrol automatic AWD.

The F-PACE’s performance is also thanks to the fact that it is underpinned by the carmaker’s Lightweight Aluminum Architecture, which provided an ideal starting platform for Jaguar’s design and engineering teams. Since the F-PACE was developed from the start as a modular structure, its wheels could be placed in the best position to deliver the needed dynamics, proportion and practicality.

With an aluminum-intensive monocoque structure (around 80 percent aluminum), the F-PACE features a light body. Also, Jaguar was able to shed off more weight from the F-PACE by using composite materials for the tailgate and magnesium for components like the cross-car beam. On the other hand, the F-PACE’s wheelbase and track are exclusive for the nameplate and are not shared with any other vehicle from Jaguar.

Due to its length of 4,731mm and wheelbase of 2,874mm, the crossover is able to project a sleek profile as well as short front overhang while offering a spacious cabin. Since the moncoque body of the F-PACE has high torsional stiffness, its double wishbone front suspension and Integral Link rear suspension could perform better. These suspensions and features, which include the standard Torque Vectoring and an Electric Power Assisted Steering system, allow the F-PACE to set the benchmark for vehicle ride and handling.

Likewise, the standard monotube dampers already provide the F-PACE with outstanding ride and handling. By pairing it with the electronically controlled Adaptive Dynamics system, even greater results are achieved. This system measures body and wheel movement at a rate of 100 and 500 times per second respectively – which means the dampers could provide maximum damping forces in any situation. Meanwhile, the F-PACE is blessed with the torque-on-demand all-wheel drive (AWD) system that features the advanced Intelligent Driveline Dynamics (IDD).

IDD, which was a control system first developed in-house for F-TYPE AWD, allows the F-PACE to retain its rear-wheel drive agility and handling attributes. Should torque be needed on the front wheels for extra traction, IDD could seamlessly transfer that turning force to where it is desired. This means that the F-PACE has the ability to cruise on any surface and in any weather condition. Furthermore, the impact of the F-PACE AWD system is reinforced by the Adaptive Surface Response (ASR), which was derived from Land Rover's patented Terrain Response technology.

ASR is integrated into the Jaguar Drive Control and works by determining the type of surface the crossover is treading on and optimizing the mapping of the powertrain and Dynamic Stability Control system. ASR is further improved by adding a third mode that allows the F-PACE to face the challenge of deep snow and gravel. All these technologies -- including the All Surface Progress Control and Low Friction Launch systems – work to make the F-PACE a comfortable and safe ride.

Press Release

The All-New Jaguar F-PACE – the World’s Ultimate Practical Sportscar is Revealed

The all-new Jaguar F-PACE has been revealed to the world with a spectacular gravity-defying performance on the eve of the Frankfurt Motor Show. The F-PACE showcased its dynamic performance credentials by completing the world's largest 360 degree loop and - in celebration of Jaguar's 80th anniversary- lit up the city's skyline with its dramatic C-X17 inspired silhouette.

The Jaguar F-PACE is a performance crossover designed and engineered to offer the agility, responsiveness and refinement that all Jaguars are renowned for, together with unrivalled dynamics and everyday usability.
Developed using Jaguar's Lightweight Aluminium Architecture, the all-new F-PACE delivers on the promise of the breakthrough C-X17 concept vehicle and combines purity of line, surface and proportion with F-TYPE-inspired features such as the powerful rear haunches, fender vents and distinctive tail light graphics.

The bold front grille and the muscular bonnet hint at the performance potential of engines like the 380PS supercharged V6. Elements such as slender full-LED headlights, forged 22-inch wheels and short front overhang carry the design vision of the C-X17 concept through to production.

The all-new F-PACE seats five adult occupants in absolute comfort with generous head and knee room and the luggage compartment volume is an astonishing 650-litres.

Infotainment and connectivity technology is industry leading. The premium InControl Touch Pro system is based around a 10.2-inch touchscreen, with a powerful quad-core processor and solid-state drive, and runs on ultra-fast Ethernet. The result is a user interface which is instinctive and extremely quick with sharp and incredibly responsive graphics. Up to eight devices can be connected to the vehicle's super-fast wifi hotspot at one time.

The navigation system can save you time by learning your commute, offers true door-to-door guidance and can even advise others of your arrival time. Navigation can also be shown full-screen - in 3D - in the 12.3-inch HD virtual instrument cluster.

The Lightweight Aluminium Architecture gave the Jaguar design and engineering teams - now recognised globally as leaders in aluminium technology and design - the ideal starting point. It was created from the outset as a modular structure, so the wheels can be positioned exactly where they are needed to deliver the proportions, dynamics, and practicality essential for a performance crossover.

The wheelbase and track are not shared with any other Jaguar. At 4,731mm long and with a 2,874mm wheelbase, the all-new F-PACE offers the sleek profile and short front overhang characteristic of Jaguar design together with an exceptionally spacious interior.

"By remaining absolutely true to our design principles the all-new F-PACE is immediately recognisable as a Jaguar. It offers all of the interior space you would expect - and more - but because of our disciplined approach to surfaces, proportions, and purity of line, we have designed what I consider to be the most balanced, most attractive vehicle in its class. The Jaguar F-PACE is the ultimate practical sports car"

Ian Callum, Director of Design, Jaguar

The light, stiff body structure comprises 80 per cent aluminium, and is the only aluminium-intensive monocoque in the segment. Additional weight savings come from the composite tailgate and magnesium for parts such as the cross-car beam.

The result is that the rear-wheel drive 180PS diesel manual transmission model weighs as little as 1,665kg and achieves CO2 emissions of just 129g/km. With the 380PS supercharged V6 petrol engine from the F-TYPE under its sculpted aluminium bonnet, the all-new F-PACE can accelerate from 0-60mph in just 5.1 seconds before reaching an electronically-limited top speed of 155mph.

The body's high torsional stiffness enables the F-TYPE-derived double wishbone front suspension and sophisticated Integral Link rear suspension to perform even better. Together with Torque Vectoring as standard and an Electric Power Assisted Steering system tuned to give the best possible feel and response, the all-new F-PACE sets the benchmark for ride and handling.

Even the entry-level model benefits from monotube dampers as standard, but for even better ride and handling the electronically-controlled Adaptive Dynamics system measures body and wheel movement 100 and 500 times a second respectively, ensuring optimum damping forces in all conditions.

For the most enthusiastic drivers there's Configurable Dynamics: first used in the F-TYPE, this feature allows individual settings for the throttle, automatic transmission, steering, and, where fitted, the Adaptive Dynamics system.

"The all-new F-PACE is a Jaguar that customers around the world demanded that we make. The targets we set are among the most challenging we've ever had to deliver but I'm proud to say that the all-new F-PACE meets or exceeds every one of them.

"This is a performance crossover with outstanding dynamics yet also delivers a smooth, quiet ride. The F-TYPE-inspired design combines dramatic looks with a spacious interior and an exceptionally large luggage compartment. Together with our all-new infotainment system, our most advanced all-wheel drive system and an outstanding range of active safety technologies, the all-new F-PACE makes every journey a better, more rewarding experience."

Kevin Stride, Vehicle Line Director, Jaguar F-PACE

The all-new F-PACE's torque on-demand all-wheel drive (AWD) system is Jaguar's most sophisticated yet, and has the highest torque capacity. It features the advanced, in-house control system first developed for F-TYPE AWD: Intelligent Driveline Dynamics (IDD). IDD preserves rear-wheel drive agility and handling character but can seamlessly transfer torque to the front wheels to exploit the performance benefits of extra traction, on all surfaces and in all weathers.

Adaptive Surface Response (ASR), developed from sister brand Land Rover's patented, award-winning Terrain Response technology, makes the AWD system even more effective in challenging conditions. Integrated into Jaguar Drive Control, ASR identifies the type of surface and optimises the mapping of the powertrain and Dynamic Stability Control system. First launched in the all-new XF, ASR has been enhanced by a third mode designed for deep snow and gravel. Additional technologies available to ensure for all surface performance include the existing Jaguar systems; All Surface Progress Control and Low Friction Launch.

The all-new F-PACE has been engineered to satisfy the most stringent safety standards worldwide and provides exceptional levels of occupant and pedestrian protection. The standard of active safety is just as high, thanks to a suite of advanced driver assistance systems. The state-of-the-art stereo camera at the heart of the Autonomous Emergency Braking system now features a pedestrian detection function - a Jaguar-first. The stereo camera also enables Lane Departure Warning, Lane Keep Assist, Traffic Sign Recognition, an Intelligent Speed Limiter, and Driver Condition Monitor systems.

Key information such as vehicle speed and speed limits can be projected directly into the driver's line of sight by the laser head-up display.Compared to conventional systems, laser technology is smaller and lighter and the images remain clear even in bright sunlight.

The all-new F-PACE also brings the world debut of Jaguar's Activity Key. A waterproof, shockproof wristband with an integrated transponder, this segment-first, wearable technology supports active lifestyles because it allows the keyfob to be securely locked inside the vehicle - invaluable if you're going surfing, for example, or kayaking. Locking the all-new F-PACE using the Activity Key will disable any keyfobs left inside.
Range summary

The all-new F-PACE range will consist of: F-PACE Pure, F-PACE Prestige, F-PACE Portfolio, F-PACE R-Sport, F-PACE S, F-PACE First Edition.

The powertrain range will consist of: 180PS 2.0-litre diesel manual RWD/ AWD and automatic AWD; 240PS 2.0-litre petrol automatic RWD; 300PS 3.0-litre diesel automatic AWD; 340PS and 380PS 3.0-litre petrol automatic AWD.

The all-new F-PACE is manufactured at Jaguar Land Rover's Solihull Plant in the UK alongside the Jaguar XE sports saloon.

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