2016 Opel Astra Sports Tourer makes global debut at Frankfurt motor show

Article by Christian A., on September 18, 2015

Opel unveiled to the global auto market its latest compact class station wagon – the all-new Astra Sports Tourer – at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show alongside the hatchback version of the next generation Astra. Donning an athletic appearance, the Astra Sports Tourer is provided with the same innovative development features found on the Opel Astra.

Since the all-new Astra Sports Tourer is underpinned by lightweight vehicle architecture, it can be up to 200 kilograms lighter than the outgoing model but it is still as practical and as dynamic as it has always been. To achieve this, Opel implemented a compact design both in and outside of the Astra Sports Tourer.

Opel also used high-strength and ultra-high-strength steels and implemented modifications to the axles, to the front and rear of the vehicle. As a result, the entry-level Astra Sports Tourer – at around 1,263 kilograms (including driver) -- is some 130 kilograms lighter than its outgoing counterpart.

Because the new Astra Sports Tourer is lighter, it is more agile, more comfortable to ride, consumes less fuel, and has less running costs. Despite sitting on a different platform, the new Sports Tourer’s dimension remains the same as its predecessor at 4,702 mm (length) by 1,871 mm (width with exterior mirrors folded in) by 1,499 mm (height).

Amusingly, having the same dimensions does not necessarily mean that the new and outgoing Sports Tourers offer the same roominess inside. In fact, the newest version of the Astra Sports Tourer features more front headroom (plus 26 mm) and more rear legroom (plus 28 mm). These spatial improvements typically results to more enjoyable and comfortable trips. Likewise, the new Astra Sports Tourer offers more luggage space at around 1,630 liters.

Exterior Design

On the outside, the Astra Sports Tourer exudes Opel’s design philosophy -- ‘Sculptural Artistry meets German Precision’ -- and even takes it to a higher degree.

Easily noticeable on the vehicle’s front is a newly designed double chrome bar on the grill as well as front headlamps that blend into the radiator grill. On the other hand, the Sports Tourer also features a slightly arched sloping roofline – along with a divided C-pillar -- that provides it with a longer appearance.

On the rear, the Astra Sports Tourer features muscular rear-wheel arch contours and divided rear light clusters. In terms of functionality, people at Opel even made loading of cargo much easier thanks to a novel “Keyless Open” feature, which uses a remote control to open the tailgate without much hassle.

In fact, drivers just need to give the underside of the rear bumper a feeble kick to open or close the tailgate. Drivers could also open the tailgate through any of these controls: a switch on the driver’s side of the Sports Tourer; the remote control on the car’s key; and the buttons in the luggage compartment.

Should anything obstruct the opening or closure of the tailgate, it can be detected by the system, which in turn stops the mechanism.

Interior Design

Meanwhile, the cabin of the new Astra Sports Tourer features an intelligent design and an awesome package of technological innovations, some of which are usually found in vehicles in higher segments.

For instance, the Astra Sports Tourer features the Opel OnStar and the IntelliLink infotainment systems for an ultramodern connectivity. Likewise, the station wagon also features a number of safety and assistance systems.

It comes with the intelligent IntelliLux LED matrix light, which allows permanent extra-urban driving with glare-free high beams.

When the illumination system detects an oncoming vehicle, it would automatically and continuously deactivate individual LED modules and mask the area around the light source while still illuminating the road ahead.

Other assistance systems found on the Astra Sports Tourer include the latest generation Opel Eye front camera, the Traffic Sign Assist and Lane Keep assist as well as the Forward Collision Alert with Collision Imminent Braking.


Customers can choose from an array of powerful yet fuel-efficient latest generation engines with power outputs ranging from 70 kW/95 hp to 147 kW/200 hp.

Those who want to buy the new Astra Sports Tourer can choose from either diesel or gasoline with displacements ranging from 1.0 liters to 1.6 liters – all featuring outstanding responsiveness and satisfying fuel economy.

Topping the engine range for the Astra Sports Tourer is the new 1.6 ECOTEC Direct Injection Turbo, which made its debut at the Frankfurt motor show.

With a combustion chamber able to withstand peak pressure of 130 bar, the 1.6 ECOTEC Direct Injection Turbo could develop up to 147 kW (200 hp) of output and 300 Nm of torque (with overboost).

Opel engineers implemented several optimizations to the engine’s induction and exhaust systems – like decoupling the cam cover from the cylinder head using specific fasteners and a dedicated sealing system – to enable it to provide significant smoothness across the full engine speed range.

While the engine features direct injection and focused combustion, it is less noisy than the previous engine fitted on the Sports Tourer. This is all thanks to the sound-engineering measures undertaken to make the engine noticeably quiet while emitting a sound pleasant to human ears.

Press Release

Fit for Job & Family: The Opel Astra Sports Tourer Celebrates World Premiere

Opel will continue its success story in the compact class with no less than two new models that will be presented at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt (September 17 to 27). The hatchback version of the new generation Astra will make its first big appearance in front of an international audience and it will be accompanied by the Astra Sports Tourer that will celebrate its premiere at the world’s most important motor show. The youngest member of the compact class station wagon generation comes with the same trendsetting development features as its five-door sibling that has been available for order since June. The Astra Sports Tourer is based on a completely new lightweight vehicle architecture that will make it up to 200 kilograms lighter than the outgoing model. Given that the station wagon will also be combined with the latest generation engines, the Astra Sports Tourer will be punchier, livelier and more fun to drive. Simultaneously, fuel consumption has been curbed giving it convincing attributes for company car and frequent drivers who often look to both practical and representative station wagons.

When the order books open in a few weeks’ time, the Astra Sports Tourer will be available with Opel OnStar and the new IntelliLink infotainment systems ensuring that it has an ultramodern and extensive connectivity offer. The same applies to the numerous safety and assistance systems along with the equipment features previously only known from cars from higher segments. And last but not least, the new Astra Sports Tourer will turn heads with its elegant, lean and athletic styling. The interior demonstrates perfectly just how intelligent the design and the entire packaging are: the newcomer has exactly the same dimensions as the outgoing model but is considerably more spacious inside, offering more comfort for the driver and passengers along with more loading space.

“Our new Astra Sports Tourer and our new Astra hatchback – they are two sides of the same coin. Both represent a quantum leap for Opel and for the compact class. Apart from offering ultramodern connectivity and evolutionary design, the station wagon version focuses even more on efficiency,” said Opel Group CEO Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann. “Our Sports Tourer is the perfect combination of practicality and dynamism: more space, less weight and in addition clever, trendsetting equipment details and features such as the power tailgate that opens and closes automatically with a little kick of the foot. This is how compact class station wagons should be nowadays.”

Efficient packaging: Athletic design with amble space

The new Astra Sports Tourer impresses with its athletic appearance. Just like its five-door sibling, it takes Opel’s design philosophy ‘Sculptural Artistry meets German Precision’ to the next level: efficient, light and dynamic. The newly designed double chrome bar on the grill carries the Blitz and the front headlamps melt into the radiator grill to form a graphic unity. The Sports Tourer further extends the dynamic lines of the 5-door. The slightly arched sloping roofline gives the station wagon a longer appearance – an effect that is further enhanced by the divided C-pillar. The rear view combines high functionality with sporting, elegant design. The Astra Sports Tourer has a stable, robust and safe stance – the muscular rear-wheel arch contours and the divided rear light clusters add to this impression.

The latest generation Sports Tourer has the same dimensions as the outgoing model with a length of 4,702 millimeters, a width of 1,871 millimeters (with exterior mirrors folded in) and a height of 1,499 millimeters – however, it offers much more space for passengers and luggage. The driver can enjoy 26 millimeters of additional headroom, passengers in the rear have 28 millimeters more legroom – two convincing improvements for spatial perception and travelling comfort. Furthermore, the new Astra Sports Tourer can now shoulder 1,630 liters of luggage thanks to the efficient packaging.

Clever and variable: Loading space improvements that help on a daily basis

Opel offers an extremely practical novelty for the new Astra Sports Tourer, which will help on a daily basis: for the first time, the tailgate can be opened without a touch or a remote control. In combination with “Keyless Open” a simple small kicking motion under the rear bumper is enough to open the tailgate. A further kicking motion under the bumper will close the tailgate. The clever system can detect any obstruction and stops the mechanism in case of emergency. Furthermore, the tailgate can still be opened by a switch on the driver’s side of the car, buttons in the luggage compartment or via the key’s remote control.

In order to increase loading space the new Astra Sports Tourer comes with optional 40/20/40 foldable rear seats enabling even more flexible loading space configurations. Furthermore, the FlexOrganizer product range with side rails, dividing nets and various fastening options is available and an option so that all loaded materials can be stored safely and tidily.

Lightweight construction + new generation engines = great driving fun and economy

Each Sports Tourer component was looked at with practicality and efficiency in mind. This is not only visible when it comes to the efficient use of space but especially when it comes to the weight. Compact design on the in and outside and the lightweight bodyshell helped the station wagon shed up to 200 kilograms. High-strength and ultra-high-strength steels, modifications to the axles, to the front and rear along with new production process all played a part in the impressive result. The entry-level Astra Sports Tourer weighs 1,263 kilograms (including driver) and is thus 130 kilograms lighter than the comparable outgoing model. This obviously has a positive effect on agility, ride comfort, consumption and costs.

The engine portfolio with outputs ranging from 70 kW/95 hp to 147 kW/200 hp also adds to the aforementioned virtues. The Sports Tourer will only be powered by engines of the latest generation. The diesel and gasoline engines with a displacement range of 1.0 to 1.6 liters all combine highest efficiency with excellent responsiveness and running smoothness.

The new 1.6 ECOTEC Direct Injection Turbo that will celebrate its premiere at the IAA is the top-of the-range engine available for the Astra Sports Tourer. The combustion chamber of the 147 kW/200 hp direct injection turbo unit can withstand peak pressure of 130 bar and mobilizes an impressive 300 Nm of torque (with overboost). This powerhouse also delivers outstanding smoothness over the full engine speed range. To achieve this, the engineers made numerous optimizations to the induction and exhaust systems including decoupling the cam cover from the cylinder head via specific fasteners and a dedicated sealing system. Despite direct injection and focused combustion, engineers were able to reduce noise levels substantially compared to the previous engine. Because of these ‘sound-engineering’ measures, the customer will appreciate quiet and smooth idling, with a pleasant sound quality even at high road speeds, engine speeds and loads.

Innovative technologies: Safety, comfort and connectivity taken to a new level

Apart from impressing with ultramodern, trendsetting engine, the new Astra Sports Tourer also sets new standards in safety, infotainment and comfort. The intelligent IntelliLux LED® matrix light in the new Astra is another absolute novelty in the compact segment. It enables permanent extra-urban driving with glare-free high beams and automatically and continuously deactivates individual LED modules when oncoming traffic or a vehicle immediately ahead are detected. The area around the light source is simply masked out and the rest of the road remains brightly illuminated. The groundbreaking system thus increases the active safety of all road users while also bringing additional comfort to the Astra Sports Tourer driver when driving at night. Numerous innovative assistance systems drawing on the latest generation Opel Eye front camera offer the driver further support – starting with the more extensive and precise Traffic Sign Assist over Lane Keep assist, that even offers active steering corrections in case of an emergency, right up to the Forward Collision Alert with Collision Imminent Braking that can even bring the car to a standstill at speeds under 40 km/h.

On the inside, another unique element for the compact segment can be found: Opel OnStar, the personal connectivity and service assistant, serves as a guardian angel for the driver and passengers. In addition, two new IntelliLink systems will be introduced. The latest generation of the infotainment system is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Elsewhere, the new AGR-certified premium ergonomic seats add additional comfort with side bolster adjustment, massage and memory function along with ventilation. Passengers in the rear can also look forward to an additional optional comfort feature with seat heating being available for the two outer rear seats (more information on safety technology, assistance and comfort can be found in the “Quantum leap in the compact class: Opel Astra celebrates its world premiere” chapter of the press kit).

The Astra Sports Tourer is traditionally responsible for around 30 percent of Astra sales in Europe. The main customers are company car drivers along with families who want to combine practical loading space solutions with high travelling comfort. The biggest markets for the versatile station wagon are Germany, the UK and Italy. In Germany, order books for the new Astra Sports Tourer will open on October 10, 2015. The other countries will follow.

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