Toyota seeks to widen appeal of Auris compact with new Touring Sports Freestyle special edition

Article by Christian A., on September 14, 2017

It has been five years since the second generation of the Toyota Auris was launched in Europe, and the compact vehicle managed to steadily receive the attention of C-segment customers in this part of the world. Now, Toyota intends to ignite anew the interest for the Auris in the 2018 model year by launching a limited edition model based on its Touring Sports wagon version.

The new Auris Touring Sports Freestyle Edition is simply a reinterpreted version of the Auris Touring Sports wagon. The Auris Touring Sports Freestyle edition features a number of smart urban styling cues that help set it apart from a typical Auris Touring Sports wagon. For instance, the new Auris Touring Sports Freestyle edition is provided with a black front grille, rear privacy glass as well as door mirror covers in bright silver. Its wheel arch covers and side skirts are also finished in black while its front and rear underbody protections are wrapped in an aluminum finish. Further distinguishing styling cues include a set of five double-spoke 17-inch alloy wheels with a black and machined silver finish.

Interestingly, the new Auris Touring Sports Freestyle edition won’t be offered in a single specific powertrain package. Instead, the new Auris Touring Sports Freestyle edition will be made available in various powertrain options, including the conventional petrol and diesel engines as well as a hybrid drive. In terms of utility, the new Auris Touring Sports Freestyle edition offers up to 1,685 liters of cargo capacity when the rear seats are folded down.

Toyota will commence sales of the Auris Touring Sports Freestyle edition in Europe in December 2017.

Meanwhile, Toyota has also unveiled the updates and tweaks – especially on the exterior -- on the 2018 Toyota Auris at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show. For instance, the color palette for bi-tone models of the 2018 Toyota Auris has now been expanded with a new blue color finish as well as a Manhattan Grey new metallic shade with a more subtle, deep tone. Manhattan Grey will also be available as one of the available color finishes for single-tone models. This metallic shade is expected to provide a stunning contrast with the black roof, front grille, shark fin antenna, door mirror housings and rear spoiler. Auris Style grade models will also don the new black grille. Black side sills are offered as an option.

Toyota has disclosed that hybrid versions of both the Auris hatchback and Touring Sports account for around 60 percent of sales in Europe in 2016. The Japanese carmaker added that for the current year so far, two of three Auris customers opt for the hybrid version. Toyota has already sold over 1.26 million units of the Auris in Europe since it was launched, with around 400,000 models powered by hybrid powertrain. More than 144,000 units of the Auris were sold in 2016.

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Introduction of the new Auris Touring Sports Freestyle and the 2018 model year Auris range

Five years into its lifecycle, the Toyota Auris is selling in greater numbers than ever, with hybrid versions commanding an ever-greater share of the sales mix. Auris is building its appeal with the new, limited edition Freestyle version of the Touring Sports wagon, plus colour and trim changes for the 2018 model year.

Since its introduction in 2012, the current – second – generation Auris has played a pivotal role for Toyota at the heart of the European market. A model designed and manufactured in Europe, it continues to meet the high expectations of C-segment customers. Regular improvements have focused on quality, style and performance to maintain its appeal and popularity.

Toyota is unveiling further developments of the Auris range at the Frankfurt motor show that will strengthen and widen its appeal in the highly competitive market for compact hatchbacks and wagons. These include the new Auris Touring Sports Freestyle edition and the 2018 model year Auris range.

Hybrid leading Auris’ success

Toyota’s petrol-electric hybrid technology was introduced to the first generation Auris range in 2010 and has steadily increased its share of sales. More and more customers are making it their first choice in preference to conventional petrol or diesel powertrains. Toyota hybrid technology has always been renowned for delivering low emissions and strong fuel economy, but there is also strong user-appeal in its quiet and relaxing drive quality.

In 2016, hybrid versions of the Auris hatchback and Touring Sports accounted for almost 60 per cent of the models’ total European sales. This year the rate of growth has increased further, with almost two thirds of Auris buyers choosing a hybrid.

Toyota has sold more than 1.26 million Auris in Europe across both generations of the model, with around 400,000 of these being hybrid versions. Significantly, the current model has increased its sales volumes every year since its introduction in 2012, reaching more than 144,000 units in 2016.

Auris Touring Sports Freestyle edition

Smart urban styling features distinguish the Auris Freestyle, a new interpretation of the successful Auris Touring Sports wagon.

This special edition model features black wheel arch covers and side skirts, and front and rear underbody protection with an aluminium finish. The purposeful appearance also includes a black front grille, rear privacy glass and bright silver door mirror covers, plus five double-spoke 17-inch alloy wheels with a black and machined silver finish.

In other respects, the new Freestyle model offers customers all the established benefits of the Auris Touring Sports, including an exceptional range of hybrid, petrol and diesel powertrains and a generous loadspace that extends to an impressive 1,685 litres with the rear seats folded – ideal for those who need plenty of room for sports and lifestyle kit.

The Freestyle will be offered as a limited edition model, on sale in European markets from December.

2018 Model Year Auris

The Frankfurt motor show provides first sight of changes to the Auris range for the 2018 model year. The new features amplify Auris’ established quality and style, adding extra contemporary and sporty appeal to the exterior.

The colour choice is extended with a new blue colour available for the popular Auris Bi-tone models. There will also be a fashionable Manhattan Grey option, a new metallic shade that has a more subtle, deep tone rather than a glossy look. This will be available as a full bodywork finish and will also be added to the choice available for Bi-tone models, in an eye-catching combination with a contrast black roof, shark fin antenna, rear spoiler, door mirror housings and front grille. Black side sills will be available as an option and the new black grille will also become a feature of Auris Style grade models.

Source: Toyota

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