Dacia unveils new generation of the Duster SUV at 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show

Article by Christian A., on August 30, 2017

Seven years after commencing sales of the first generation of the Dacia Duster sports utility vehicle, Renault’s accessible brand will be taking the wraps off the second-generation model at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show.

Although the second generation of the Duster is all new – from its exterior and interior styling and to its new equipment and features – it really builds on the attributes that made the first generation model a resounding success. These attributes aren’t really broken, so it would be illogical for Dacia to totally scrap them. Instead, Dacia has decided to build on these strengths, resulting in a new generation of the Duster with an evolutionary – instead of revolutionary – design. After, after seven years of sales, Dacia has already sold more than a million units of the Duster and counting.

Dacia has been kind enough to provide a number of details about the second generation of the budget-friendly SUV, including a number of images that fully reveal the looks of the new Duster. These images clearly reveal a Dacia with more modern look, as it remains robust, muscular and assertive. Wrapped in a new body color -- Atacama Orange – the second-gen Dacia as seen on the images evolves and enhances the styling of the original model. Dacia is hoping that the new Duster would continue the success of the first generation, and we believe it could.

Up front, the new Dacia Duster is defined by a distinctive grille that is wider than before, as well as by an evolved headlight assembles with a new lighting signature. The wider grille effectively sends the headlights to the outermost corners. This allows the new Dacia Duster to look wider and more aggressive than before. Interestingly, the daytime running lights – employing LED units – are now divided into three sections. Likewise, the SUV’s horizontal bonnet now features more visible crease lines. Lastly, the front end of the Duster now comes with a larger, mass-colored, scratch-resistant skid plate in satin chrome finish.

On the rear, the new Dacia Duster presents more voluminous haunches and a more solid stance as highlighted by horizontal lines as well as lights located on the corners. The new Duster now adopts the brand’s new lighting signature with four red stacked squares. Likewise apparent on the rear end is a wider, mass-colored, rear skid plate also finished in satin chrome.

When viewed on the sides, the new Duster reveals a higher beltline as well as a steeply raked windscreen that has been moved forward by 100 mm. These makes the new Duster seem longer and more voluminous, leading a greater sense of sense. The new Duster is also provided with new aluminum roof bars that help extend the line of the windscreen. Riding on 17-inch wheels, the new Duster features more prominent wheel arches and comes with black wing arch trims.

Press Release

All-new Dacia Duster: more Duster than ever!

Dacia has renewed Duster, the brand’s iconic SUV which boasts modern, all-new robust styling. Not only is All-New Duster as versatile as ever but it is also even more attractive and, with more than one million unit sales to its credit to date, a new chapter in the model’s history is about to begin. Dacia will unveil All-new Duster at the 2017 Frankfurt Show.

All-new Duster’s adventurer pedigree and ability to stray off the beaten track are expressed by the latest version’s updated design. In keeping with the model’s DNA, All-new Duster combines robust, muscular styling with a truly assertive personality that is emphasised by a brand-new body colour, Atacama Orange.


All-new Duster’s distinctive grille extends to the head lights positioned at the car’s extreme corners and makes the model appear wider.
A new lighting signature including LED daytime running lights divided into three sections.
The crease lines of the horizontal bonnet contribute to the vehicle’s assertive stance.
The larger, mass-coloured, satin-chrome-finish skid plate reinforces the car’s adventurer credentials and is scratch-resistant to maintain its smart look.


The higher belt line adds to the impression of strength and occupant protection.
The windscreen has been brought forward 100mm compared with the current Duster and is more steeply raked, which makes the cabin longer so it looks more spacious.
The new aluminium roof bars, a frequent SUV hallmark, extend the line of the windscreen for a more dynamic profile.
17-inch wheels and prominent wheel arches.
Black wing arch trims highlight the car’s adventurer credentials.


Voluminous haunches.
Horizontal lines and lights positioned at the extreme corners to heighten the car’s solid stance.
Dacia’s rear lighting signature – four red stacked squares – has been adapted for Duster.
Wider, mass-coloured, satin-chrome-finish rear skid plate.
All-new Duster also features upgraded travelling comfort thanks to a completely redesigned, quality-feel interior and new equipment.

Source: Dacia

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