AMG to show the ‘baby SLS’ at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show

Article by Christian A., on January 16, 2012

The compact AMG sports car that was known as SLV (V for variable body styles) will appear later this year at the Frankfurt Motor Show. This car uses an AMG badge instead of Mercedes-Benz in the same manner that an SRT badge is used by the new Viper instead of Dodge. There would be just two seats for the two-door AMG sports car. It’s expected to be a fierce rival to the third-generation Porsche Boxster and Cayman.

Having a smaller footprint will boost the handling of the AMG model, says MotorTrend. Having a downsized engine will result to better mileage than the 2012 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, which has 14/20 mpg city/highway EPA ratings, making it subject to a $1700 gas-guzzler tax.

Pricing has yet to be revealed. It’s believed that this more maneuverable AMG car is being built because of the need to amortize the investment in the SLS AMG’s aluminum spaceframe architecture but it’s possible that there will be more performance versions.

Emotion and sportiness are qualities best symbolized by the new Mercedes-AMG GT. This two-seater model is generally characterized by the signature rear-wheel-drive proportions. On the front, the long bonnet has more prominent powerdomes and with the greenhouse being moved to the back plus having a broad tail end and large wheels, its look becomes truly unique.

The tailgate is large as well and hides a luggage compartment. It is powered with the bi-turbo V8 engine and being mounted mid-engine, allows for the weight distribution to be optimized. This also serves as the basis for the Mercedes-AMG GT’s excellent driving dynamics. There are a number of design elements on this new offering from Mercedes and the way each one interacts with the others result in a front section that is self-confident and superior.

These elements include the AMG lettering on the center, the broad louvre, and the three-dimensional diamond radiator grille that has the Mercedes star in the center. The high-performance headlamps use LED and the daytime running lamps have been styled to appear like eyebrows. The indicators, side lights, and the three different high-beam reflectors all contribute to giving the GT that distinctive appearance.

That the Mercedes-AMG GT has a sculpted appearance, and with it an intense quality, is mainly owed to the arched surfaces. As expected from a sports car coming from Mercedes-Benz, the side has air outlets with each one having two fins. Looking at the side though, there are a number of attractive features like the arched and dome-shaped roof line.

The frameless doors are just as pleasing to the eyes. On its side wall, there is a muscular element that has been carved from it and this gives the Mercedes-AMG GT the feeling of dynamism and lightness. This same feeling is present even if the vehicle is not actually moving. Meanwhile the lines and surfaces on the side wall drift to the rear section with a narrow effect. One thing an onlooker will notice is that the shoulder region does not have any lines and this was done on purpose.

The only line present is one positioned lower which then gathers once it reaches the bumper in the back after which it extends in the body making the Mercedes-AMG GT look lighter.

A good thing about the design is that there are no visible aerials that could upset the overall look. Daimler AG’s Vice President for Design Gorden Wagener relates that this new model from Mercedes-Benz is a pure sports car. The flowing lines, strong sculpted surfaces, and magnificent proportions allow the new Mercedes-AMG GT to become a modern sports car that continues to have the spirit that embodies the sports cars of the brand, he adds. Wagener continues by saying that the Mercedes-AMG GT is the perfect mix of intelligence and beauty.

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