Artega introduces Karo electric quad-bike concept

Article by Christian A., on September 17, 2015

Artega remains to be a brand known for manufacturing innovative vehicles. Not one to disappoint, the company has come out with its newest concept vehicle, the Artega Karo. This vehicle makes use of a wholly electric drive with the advantages afforded by the motor scooters, all-terrain vehicles, and jet skis.

For example, the chassis of the Karo, which is similar to that of race cars, when combined with the electric motor, gives more than a "karting feel" to the driving experience. Another special feature is the leg shields with reinforced high-strength steel integrated to it.

This does not only improve its splash water protection but also enhances the side impact protection. Unlike most electric vehicles available on the market, it is relatively easy to charge the Artega Karo. Everything is already on board like the charging cable with protective plug and even the charger itself.

The Karo is compact, measuring 81.7 inches long and 51.2 inches wide. It is light as well, weighing merely 705 lbs. with the battery pack. There are three main components to the Karo’s load-bearing structure which are the front-axle module, its battery container, and rear axle module.

This particular modular build was developed exclusively to ensure that serial production is efficient and the unit is maintenance-friendly. Both the front module and read module have double steel crosslinks attached to them.

Artega Karo has a powerful broadband speaker resulting in basic tone playback with clear treble. Using any device like a MP3 player, mobile phone or tablet, music can be played by the system through Bluetooth. With the components of the speaker being weather-proof, it is possible to make the drive regardless of conditions.

What makes this system even more amazing is that while it is still connected with the smartphone, the system can be detached from the Karo allowing one to play music anywhere. In addition, the smartphone that has been connected to the sound system can be used for navigation. As a warning though, the system can only be used for a maximum of four hours.

Another amazing feature of the Artega Karo is that the lithium-ion batteries can be charged on its own or in conjunction with the vehicle. Integrated with the Karo is the system that allows for wireless charging and through external devices. Artega discloses that this particular concept vehicle is now being readied for serial production.


Additionally, the rear module has integrated to it the differential, gearbox, motor. The double steel crosslinks are each attached to the front and rear module. The lithium-ion battery has a nickel-manganese-cobalt basis, contained and secured in the middle module’s aluminum profile.

Its water-cooled synchronous motor has 92% efficiency with 4,340 rpm rated speed. The battery has a nominal voltage of 103 Volts and can store energy of up to 5.3 kWh. It is easy to recharge the Karo as it already has an integrated 3 kW charger that can fully charge the battery in 2.5 hours at most with the use of a household socket.

This energy allows the Artega Karo to run a distance of 50 miles. In order to make sure that deceleration is effective, the Artega Karo utilizes four disc brakes. Assisting the driver is the "Kienzle" -- the latest in digital display and that gives all the information needed.

For the German market, the Artega offers different motor outputs for the Karo which can be matched with the country’s driver’s license and even to its insurance structure. An example of this is the basic version of the Artega Karo.

Since it only has 4 kW, it belongs to the EG class L6e-A. This means that those who want to drive it will only need a class AM driver’s license, which is given to those as young as age 16. Furthermore, to ensure safety the speed has been limited to 28 mph.

For those who carry a class B license, which are given only to drivers aged 18 years old and above, the brand offers its middle version Artega Karo, which belongs to EG-class L7e-A. Unlike the basic version, this one has a higher output of 15 kW and top speed of 50 mph.

Top top-of-the-line model meanwhile has a 17 kW output though maximum output is at 38 kW. This time, the maximum speed is measured at 65 mph with torque at 100 Nm and acceleration time from 0 to 50 mph of below 5 seconds.

This version falls under the EC class M1/N1, which is the class for passenger cars. Still, licensing remains at class B. For maximum enjoyment, a mobile sound system through a removable sound module is included.

Press Release

Artega Karo Concept

The Artega brand enters a new vehicle type with the Artega Karo.The road-and-free-time car has a purely electric drive and combines the benefits of ATVs, jet skis and motor scooters. The Artega Karo is a concept vehicle that is prepared for serial production.

The racing-car-like chassis of the Artega Karo, in connection with the direct power of the electric motor, provides a driving experience that exceeds the proverbial "karting feel". At the same time, the vehicle offers a special feature: Beautifully shaped leg shields with integrated reinforcement of high-strength steel improve splash water protection and side impact protection.

The Artega Karo can be charged easily. The charger and charging cable with a protective plug are on board – as if it was a vacuum cleaner. At a length of 81.7 inches and a width of 51.2 inches,the Artega Karo is very compact. Including the battery pack, it weighs only 705 lbs. The load-bearing structure of the vehicle is made up for the front-axle module, the battery container, and the rear axle module.

This modular build was specifically developed for efficient serial production and maintenance-friendliness. The double steel crosslinks are attached to the front and rear module each. The rear module additionally has the motor, gearbox, and differential integrated.

The specifically formed aluminium profile of the middle module contains and secures the battery pack.The water-cooled synchronous motor has a rated speed of 4,340 rpm and an efficiency of up to 92%. Four effective disc brakes ensure the required deceleration.

Thanks to the highly efficient lithium ion battery on nickel-manganese-cobalt basis (nominal voltage 103 Volt),the Artega Karo has a range of up to 50 miles.The maximum energy stored is 5.3 kWh;the integrated 3 kW-charger needs no more than 2.5 hours to recharge at the household socket.

The modern digital display of the paragon brand "Kienzle" provides information on everything. The Artega Karo offers different motor outputs that are aligned with the drivers' license and insurance structure in Germany. The basic version has 4 kW and falls into the EG class L6e-A.

It only requires a driver's license of the class AM, which can be acquired at the age of 16. The speed is then electronically limited to 28 mph at most. With a driver's license of class B, drivers from 18 years onwards can drive the middle version of the Artega Karo according to EG-class L7e-A.

The motor output here is limited to 15 kW.The maximum speed is 50 mph. The top model with a motor output of 17 kW (peak output 38 kW) and a torque of 100 Nm accelerates from 0 to 50 mph in less than 5 seconds. The maximum speed is at 65 mph.

This vehicle of the EC class M1/N1 (passenger car) also requires the driver's license of class B. 6 Mobile sound system for maximum fun The removable sound module is a special detail of the Artega Karo. Bluetooth can be used to play back the desired music from any device (mobile phone,tablet, MP3-player).

The installed lithiumion batteries are charged synchronously to the vehicle charge, or directly from the battery system of the vehicle. The also-integrated device for wireless charging permits adaptation and charging of external devices.

The driving fun can thus be accompanied with music on request at any time. The smartphone can be used for navigation as well.

The mobile sound system is made up of a strong broadband speaker that ensures a strong basic tone playback as well as a clear treble.The speaker components are weather-proof.Together with the connected smartphone,the sound system can be disconnected from the vehicle,taken along anywhere and autonomously operated for up to four hours.

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