Borgward marks return to global market with BX7 launch in Frankfurt

Article by Christian A., on September 15, 2015

Borgward is marking its return to the global auto stage with the unveiling of two new vehicles at the Frankfurt International Motor Show (IAA) -- the BX7 SUV and the TS version of the BX7. Both new Borgward models feature designs that exemplify the brand’s traditional values while helping create self-confident superior vehicles.

Both the BX7 SUV and the TS version of the BX7 feature very advanced communication and entertainment systems, complemented by an extensive online service. These new models also feature the latest connectivity systems designed to improve driver's safety and comfort.

By creating new models with outstanding quality, unbending reliability and excellent longevity, Borgward is promising that the further models will be the classics of the future.

Ulrich Walker, chief executive of Borgward Group AG, remarked that the German brand, which will be launched in Germany and the rest of Europe within the next two years, plans to sell its first vehicles to the China and other emerging markets in the first half of 2016.

He disclosed that the construction of the first BORGWARD plant in China is now finished, adding that the current developments in the country are part of the process of normalization.

He remarked that Borgward’s market launch in China and other emerging markets will be just the start since the company’s medium- and long-term goal is to have its presence in all major markets and in the emerging economies.

Walker added that when Borgward enters new markets and achieves corresponding sales volume, the carmaker would also set up new production locations. In terms of numbers, Borgward is setting a medium-term global sales target of over 500,000 vehicles, with a plan to continuously expand its product portfolio in the next few years.

The brand plans to launch at least two new models every year and eyes to first expand its SUV lineup, followed by vehicles in other segments.

Walker expressed confidence that Borgward will be competitive, noting that the carmaker’s business model has sound financial and strategic foundations, referring to the brand’s commitment to the values applied during the time of founder Carl F. W. Borgward.

Walter added that Borgward will once again stand for excellent quality, superb engineering and design, innovation, sustainability and affordability and become what is dubbed as “accessible premium.”

For instance, Borgward is demonstrating how it stands for sustainability by favoring an electric drive train. Indeed, Borgward will initially launch the BX 7 PHEV plug-in hybrid mid-size SUV by offering outstanding driving performance and cutthroat electric ranges. According to Walker, Borgward is aiming to become a major international automaker as it had been in its glory days.

Press Release

BORGWARD Returns to Automotive World Stage

The time-honoured German automobile brand BORGWARD is returning to the world stage. BORGWARD has unveiled two world premieres at the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt am Main: the BX7 SUV and the TS version of the BX7. "Our goal is to turn BORGWARD back into the major international automobile manufacturer that it was in its heyday," said Ulrich Walker, CEO of BORGWARD Group AG, in Frankfurt am Main on Tuesday.

Walker said that BORGWARD is scheduled to be launched in Germany and the rest of Europe sometime within the next two years. The company is to introduce its first vehicles to the Chinese and other emerging markets in the first half of 2016. Walker described the current developments on the Chinese market as a process of normalisation. "China remains a growth market," he added. The first BORGWARD plant has already been completed in Beijing.

The market launch in China and further emerging markets will only be the beginning. "Our goal for the medium and long term is to be present not only in China and Europe but in all the other major markets as well - and, in particular, in the emerging economies," said Walker. The entry into new markets and the achievement of corresponding sales volumes will be accompanied by the establishment of new production locations.

In the medium term, BORGWARD is targeting global sales of significantly more than 500,000 vehicles. In addition, the product portfolio is to be continuously expanded over the coming years, with at least two new models presented for market launch every year. Initially, the SUV family of vehicles is to expanded, with other segments to follow later. "The BORGWARD family will be competitive," said Walker. "And our business model is based on sound financial and strategic foundations," he added with reference to the brand's continuing commitment to the basic values that already applied in the time of company founder Carl F. W. Borgward.

As in the past, BORGWARD stands once again for outstanding engineering and design, and for quality, innovation, sustainability and affordability. "It's what we call 'accessible premium'," said Walker.

Similarly, in terms of design, the aesthetic shapes of the new BORGWARD embody the traditional values of the BORGWARD brand and help create the modern self-confidence of superior vehicles. BORGWARD models also combine the most advanced communication and entertainment systems with an extensive online service. BORGWARD likewise employs the very latest connectivity systems to enhance the driver's safety and comfort. Outstanding product quality combined with uncompromising reliability and extreme longevity will ensure that upcoming model series become classics of the future.

And, last but not least, sustainability is firmly anchored in BORGWARD's corporate goals. For example, BORGWARD is in favour of an electric drive train. Initially, BORGWARD is launching the BX 7 PHEV - a plug-in hybrid model that will lead the way in the mid-size SUV segment, by offering, for example, excellent driving performance and competitive electric ranges.

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