Hyundai showcases TomTom, Android Auto connectivity systems at Frankfurt Motor Show

Article by Christian A., on September 18, 2015

On display at Hyundai Motor’s booth at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show was an array of connectivity features like TomTom LIVE services and the Android Auto technology. Likewise, visitors were able to get a preview of the South Korean carmaker’s Vision G coupe concept as well as its wearable and gesture control concepts – all of which offer a taste of what connectivity might become in the future.

At the show, Hyundai presented the Android Auto on its Hyundai i40, which is one of the first vehicles in Europe to be powered by such technology. Android Auto allows Android smartphone users to link their devices to the infotainment unit’s seven-inch TFT color touchscreen -- with a new 3D display mode -- and to access third party apps like those for communication, music streaming, and radio services.

This new technology employs smartphone capabilities to allow Hyundai drivers to remain both connected and focused on the road ahead. Because of its smart and intuitive design, Android Auto integration with the i40’s infotainment system has become seamless.

This technology is already being offered in the United States on the Hyundai Sonata, starting in May 2015. As soon as the i40 becomes available to order, it will come powered with Android Auto. Hyundai plans to start initial deliveries of the Android Auto-powered i-40 in early January 2016.

Aside from the Android Auto, Hyundai will continue to offer TomTom LIVE services on its vehicle products. This technology offers Hyundai vehicle owners with the latest traffic information and updates while providing functional data like weather and nearby points of interest.

Interestingly enough, the carmaker’s TomTom LIVE offering features a complimentary subscription of seven years – the longest in the auto industry. This seven-year complimentary subscription amounts to savings of around £50 annually.

Hyundai is also presenting a connectivity cockpit concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show, representing one of the ways the carmaker sees the future of connectivity.

Dubbed as the Vision G Coupe Concept, this innovation will serve as an inspiration if not the basis for Hyundai’s future premium products. Featuring a good blend of elegant design and performance, the Vision G coupe concept is blessed with the latest haptic interface technology for optimum cabin comfort and enjoyment.

For instance, the concept’s central control panel Remote Wheel features touch-and-gesture interaction to lessen distraction to drivers. Thanks to an ergonomically designed touchpad in the console, touch-and-gesture interaction can be easily achieved. Additionally, the concept features a wide screen display that offers advanced connectivity with intuitive control.

One good thing about the display is that its contents can be interchanged to implement all of Hyundai’s latest intelligent safety functions for better driver focus.

To further improve vehicle ownership for customers, Hyundai has seen fit to develop concepts that may pave the way for future products that would meet the needs and wants of future vehicle owners. For instance, the connectivity cockpit concept on display at 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show includes wearable devices, rear-seat child-care, car-generated data and 3D gesture controls.

Press Release

Hyundai Motor to Showcase New Connectivity Features at Frankfurt Motor Show

Hyundai Motor is showcasing a wide range of innovative connectivity features at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show. While features like TomTom LIVE services and Android Auto will be available to order in 2015, Hyundai also gives a glimpse into the future of connectivity and control concepts with its Vision G coupe concept and wearable and gesture control exhibits.

New i40 one of the first cars in Europe to get Android Auto
Hyundai Motor was the first car manufacturer worldwide to introduce Android Auto technology in one of its cars. From May 2015 the Hyundai Sonata was available in the US with this intuitive smartphone mirroring software. Only a few months later, Hyundai Motor will be one of the first manufacturers to bring this technology to the European market as Android Auto will soon be available to order on the New i40, with first deliveries expected in early January 2016.

Android Auto enables users of smartphones with Android technology to connect their devices to the screen of Hyundai’s infotainment unit, to access third party apps focused primarily on music streaming, communication and radio services. Android Auto makes use of smartphone capabilities to give Hyundai drivers new ways to stay connected, while remaining focused on the road.

The smart, intuitive design of Android Auto integrates seamlessly with the New i40’s latest infotainment systems - available with a 7-inch TFT colour touchscreen with a new 3D display mode.

Hyundai to feature displays of Android Auto, TomTom LIVE services and a connectivity cockpit concept

As well as leading the connectivity charge with Android Auto integrated into the New i40, the ever-popular TomTom LIVE services will continue to feature in Hyundai cars. TomTom LIVE services provide drivers with the most up-to-date traffic information, as well as useful data regarding weather trends and nearby points of interest. Hyundai Motor’s TomTom LIVE offering comes with the longest complimentary subscription in the industry of seven years, representing a significant saving for customers of around €50 per year. Visitors to the Frankfurt Motor Show can experience both technologies at the Hyundai booth in a dedicated demonstration area.

Vision G coupe concept presented with smart control connectivity

Hyundai Motor displays the future of connectivity and control with its Vision G coupe concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show. As the inspiration for a family of future premium products, the concept is purposefully understated with a balance of elegant design and performance.

The car is equipped with the latest haptic interface technology to provide maximum comfort and enjoyment for drivers. Most notably, the central control panel ‘Remote Wheel’ utilizes touch and gesture interaction to minimise driver distraction, with an ergonomically designed touchpad installed in the console, making interaction as easy as the wave of a hand.
The wide screen display offers further advanced connectivity with simple intuitive control. Contents on the display are freely interchangeable between cluster and center fascia to clearly implement all of Hyundai Motor’s latest intelligent safety functions, such as the Autonomous Driving System, to maintain driver focus.

Wearable and gesture control concepts to showcase future of connectivity

Hyundai Motor is always exploring ways to improve vehicle ownership for its customers, so its future connectivity vision is the key. The connectivity cockpit concept, also on display at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show, demonstrates a collection of new hardware – such as wearable devices, car-generated data, rear-seat child care and 3D gesture controls.

These innovative assets offer an insight to Hyundai Motor’s new ways of thinking to provide customers with value beyond expectations, setting out ways they could control and interact with vehicles in the future. Wearable devices monitoring driver’s alertness and tablet-based ‘co-pilot/navigator’ features focus on safety, with the latter allowing a passenger to take control of vehicle infotainment and comfort features while the driver’s eyes remain on the road.

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