Kia releases more details on 2016 Sportage

Article by Christian A., on August 27, 2015

Kia Motors’ all-new Sportage is set to make its global debut on September 15 at the Frankfurt International Motor Show. About a week ago, the automaker had released a first look at its exterior and its stunning new design. The fourth-generation Sportage has a prominent, progressive design.

It gives off a sense of agility and power from all angles. The Sportage portrays the contrasting smooth and sharp shapes seen in an assortment of modern fighter jets. Somehow, the designers were able to bring the sharp and defined lines together with the smooth surfaces and create something visually harmonious.

Its ”face” is where the most significant change was made in its design. The new model’s headlamps are not anymore integrated with the grille. Rather, they’re now sweeping back along the exterior edges of the more sharply-featured bonnet and bolder wheel arches. The Sportage is still instantly recognizable as a Kia.

Its “tiger-nose” grille is wider and lower, adding volume to the lower half of its face. As a result, its appearance is more imposing and its stance looks more stable. The profile of the all-new Sportage is sportier and more raked. When viewing from the side, it is apparent that it has kept the outgoing model’s swept-back silhouette.

It has a roofline that slightly tapers towards the car’s rear. In addition, it has longer front overhangs, longer wheelbase, and shorter rear overhangs. The Sportage’s look is more muscular and dynamic because of its smooth bodywork, sharp lines, and bolder wheel arches.

The model’s width, from the rear, is emphasized with its horizontal forms and surface volume. This makes the compact SUV appear more stable. Its slim combination lamps were derived from the 2013 Kia Provo concept car.

Along these lamps is a strip that can be seen going past the width of the rear. The designers separated the turn signals and reversing lights.

They’ve been repositioned lower so that the lower half of the car has more visual weight and more sense of stability. Credit for the design goes mainly to Kia’s European design studio in Frankfurt, Germany. Meanwhile, Kia’s design centers in Namyang, Korea and Irvine, California, also contributed.

Press Release

Bold new exterior design for next-generation Kia Sportage

Kia Motors has today revealed the first official exterior images of the all-new Kia Sportage, featuring an attractive new design. The all-new Sportage will make its global debut at the Frankfurt International Motor Show on 15 September 2015.

Entering its fourth-generation, the all-new Kia Sportage features a bold, progressive design, with the vehicle’s designers creating a sense of power and agility from every angle. Echoing the contrast of smooth and sharp shapes found on some of the most iconic modern fighter jets, the Sportage creates visual harmony out of the tension between sharp, defined feature lines and smooth surfacing.

The ‘face’ of the all-new Sportage represents the biggest change to the car’s design, with the car’s headlamps no longer integrated with the grille for the new model, instead sweeping back along the outer edges of the more sharply-detailed bonnet and bolder wheel arches. Immediately recognisable as a Kia, the Sportage’s lower, wider ‘tiger-nose’ grille adds more volume to the lower half of the Sportage’s face, resulting in a more imposing appearance and a more stable-looking stance.

The all-new Sportage is characterised by its sportier, more raked profile. From the side, the all-new Sportage retains the swept-back silhouette of the outgoing model, with a roofline that tapers slightly towards the rear of the car, longer front overhangs, shorter rear overhangs and longer wheelbase. Smooth bodywork, bolder wheel arches and sharp lines endow the Sportage with a more dynamic, muscular look.

At the rear, the horizontal forms and surface volume emphasise the car’s width and give the compact SUV a more stable appearance. Inspired by the 2013 Kia Provo concept car, the slim combination lamps are joined by a strip that runs the width of the rear, while turn signals and reversing lights are separated, relocated lower down to add more visual weight and a greater sense of stability to the lower half of the car.

The design of the new Sportage has been led by Kia’s European design studio in Frankfurt, Germany, with input from the brand’s Namyang, Korea and Irvine, California design centres.

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