Would you pay for a $2,000 offroad-ready Land Rover baby stroller?

Article by Christian A., on September 19, 2017

During the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show, Land Rover presented something that no other automaker has before - an off-road stroller for parents to use when transporting their toddlers. In other words, Land Rover came up with a baby carriage that is perfect for babies who would like to go off roading but are not capable of walking yet.

Land Rover was able to make this possible by entering a partnership with iCandy and creating an all-terrain stroller dubbed as the iCandy Peach All-Terrain Special Edition push chair. With these capabilities, no one expects this stroller to be easily affordable. In fact, it comes with a $2,000 price tag.

We're letting you guys decide whether or not this stroller is worth your money for what it is. In fact, one might get an actual off-roader vehicle that's probably been worn out for the same price. Furthermore, your kid might already have learned how to walk even before you finish paying for this stroller.

Just like any other stroller, it has four wheels, a comfortable place the baby to sit in, handles for parents to push, a hood that protects the baby from the sun and rain, and a unique rucksack made by Land Rover for extra practicality.

What makes this stroller even more outstanding is the fact that it gets design cues from Land Rover models. By looking at the hood fabric, you would see elements of the Land Rover's grille pattern. Intricate details on the stroller such as its stitching resemble that of the company's vehicles too. How cool is that?

The iCandy Peach All-Terrain Special Edition was revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show. In case you’re wondering, it is the first time Land Rover showcased something like that. Those interested may purchase the stroller next spring when it goes on sale. This can be found in Land Rover and iCandy outlets.

There aren't a lot of off-roaders that can be bought for $2,000, but luxury strollers that cost this much are a little less common. We would like to know from you whether Land Rover thought of a smart accessory for the car, or if this is this just a way for them to earn extra cash? Just imagine, each stroller will cost you more than the upcoming iPhone X - which would you rather get?

This is not the first time an automaker has tried its hand at lifestyle products. Luxury brands like Ferrari, Porsche and Lamborghini have long been doing this - from selling merchandise like clothes, hats, miniature toys and even smart phones, and many of them are often priced way more than they really cost. But as long as there is a market for it, then automakers would continue doing this.

Press Release


Land Rover and iCandy World combine best of British design and capability with iCandy Peach All-Terrain Special Edition pushchair
First iCandy four wheeled All-Terrain pushchair is a tribute to Land Rover’s ability on all surfaces and all terrains
Intricate craftsmanship incorporates Land Rover’s iconic grille pattern in the hood and provides a one-of-a-kind ruck-sack
iCandy for Land Rover Peach All-Terrain Special Edition is the first pushchair to be launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show
Available in stores and online from iCandy and Jaguar Land Rover from spring 2018
Land Rover and iCandy have launched the iCandy Peach All-Terrain Special Edition pushchair for adventurous parents.

The first four-wheeled iCandy All-Terrain pushchair is a tribute to Land Rover’s breadth of capability, combining the design skills, technical innovations and build quality of two highly successful British brands. It incorporates the instantly recognisable styles and functionality of both a Land Rover 4x4 and an iCandy pushchair.

Created by true craftsmen, the iCandy for Land Rover Peach All-Terrain incorporates Land Rover design cues as well as go-anywhere ability. The iconic Land Rover grille pattern features in the hood fabric, creating an eye-catching style statement, while fine seat stitching reflects that found in Land Rover models. A one-of-a-kind ruck sack slides gracefully into the generous pushchair basket, offering extra practicality for adventurous parents.

Lindsey Weaver, Merchandising and Licensing director for Jaguar Land Rover said: "We are excited to be collaborating with such a great British brand. A perfect combination of design and functionality, the striking iCandy for Land Rover Special Edition pushchair will offer a unique opportunity to experience the essence of the Land Rover brand at first hand; both in terms of functionality and style".

Bradley Appel, Joint CEO for iCandy said: “The opportunity for iCandy to work alongside Land Rover is one that represents a natural fit for both British brands. The iCandy for Land Rover Peach All-Terrain is a true labour of love between both iconic brands with 154 years combined manufacturing and design pedigree. Every aspect of the pushchair has been meticulously considered, with the attention to detail astounding, and the smooth all terrain ride unlike anything currently on the market. Becoming the first nursery brand to launch a pushchair at the Frankfurt Motor Show is a great honour, and we are sure parents will love the adventure potential of this exciting collaborative partnership.”

The iCandy for Land Rover Peach All-Terrain Special Edition will be the first pushchair to be launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show, before taking centre stage at the Kind Und Jugend trade fair in Cologne.

The iCandy for Land Rover Peach All-Terrain Special Edition will be available in stores and online from iCandy and Jaguar Land Rover from spring 2018. Click here to register your interest today. Pricing is expected to be around £1500 for the pushchair.

Source: Land Rover

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