Leaked: Citroen Revolte Concept

Article by Christian A., on August 26, 2010

Pictures of the Citroen Revolte, a 2CV-inspired concept, have leaked and since the launch will already be in next week's Frankfurt Motor Show, it seems we´ll have to wait for the technical details to come out by then. At first glance, the concept looks like a premium sports hatch.

It's believed that it shares some of the underpinnings of the DS3, as well as some of its styling features, such as the front grille, small headlights and roof graphics.

The Citroen Revolte has four doors, with the rear units in a suicide arrangement so that they close to create a C shape, echoing the 2CV's side profile. The interior seems to have a futuristic theme and features a computer screen and a rearward facing baby seat.

It's possible that since the Citroen is known to be pushing ahead with bringing hybrid technology to the market, this could be highlighted by the concept. The larger DS models, the DS4 and DS5, will be the first Citroen production cars to go on sale with hybrid powertrains. They will use the same hybrid system as Peugeot, which will launch the technology first, on its hybrid 3008. 

The layout of this vehicle is not only original but unique as well. In addition to the driver’s seat, there is another seat to its side while two are in the rear. However instead of the standard design, the three seats look like a lounge with the ones in the rear forming what appears to be a modern sofa.

The passenger positioned just opposite to the driver is able to stretch the legs since there is now a space in what would have been the seat of the front passenger. However for those who have small children, the Citroën allows a rear-facing child-seat to be locked in the available space.

In addition, the seats on the rear can help hide the battery pack and therefore expand the luggage space, in addition to increasing the cabin space. Another distinct feature of the Citroën REVOLTe Concept is that it manages to introduce luxury by applying technology.

It has a touch-sensitive screen that is covered with crystals in deep red and moves forward from its dashboard. However, it is also responsible for recycling the air in the interior, similar to the body’s respiratory system. The exterior meanwhile has a folding roof that is coated with solar cells.

Thus it not only provides power to the different systems that regulate the on-board comfort because it also reduces the load experienced by the batteries at the same time.

The grille on the front has been integrated with a backlit glass element. This is part of its original feature which also manages to highlight the various features previously mention. In addition, it confirms that the concept is indeed a Citroën, albeit in a subtle manner.

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