Mercedes-AMG to officially unveil Project One hypercar at 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show

Article by Christian A., on January 16, 2017

It appears there won’t be a long wait before we get to see Mercedes-AMG’s hypercar – the Mercedes-AMG Project One. This is because the Formula One-powered road car will be revealed in its near-complete form at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show in September as part of AMG’s 50th anniversary celebration.

This is what Mercedes-AMG chief executive Tobias Moers disclosed to Motor1 at the sidelines of the 2017 North American International Auto Show (known to many as the Detroit Auto Show). To date, all that has been revealed to the public was the hypercar’s new name as well as its powertrain, which is inspired by Formula One. More specifically, Formula One was more than just an inspiration, since the powertrain that will serve as the heart of the AMG Project One – its official designation – is a powered-down version of the technology used in its W07 Hybrid race car.

In September last year, Mercedes-AMG confirmed that a hypercar was under development, with an output that would reach four digits. This meant that that this new hypercar – bearing an internal codename of R50 – would be delivering at least 1,000 hp, which is the power level of the Mercedes-AMG’s championship-winning W07 racer in qualifying mode at Formula. As for the Project One hypercar, the power output could be more.

Prior to the 2017 Detroit Auto Show, this latest project was only known to people in the company as the R50, and to the public simply as Mercedes-AMG’s new hypercar. Now, it has been announced that this new hypercar is officially dubbed as Project One. We still don’t know AMG’s logic in choosing this moniker, but it might have something to do with it being powered by a Formula One-derived powertrain. It might also have something to do with it being Mercedes-AMG’s first hypercar project, so we speculate that there will be a Project Two.

Described by Mercedes-AMG as “probably the most fascinating two seater” that will be plying the streets, Project One will have a hybrid powertrain employing the same turbocharged 1.6-liter 90-degree angle engine in the W07 car, an electric drive with three electric motors and an Energy Recovery System (ERS). This hybrid powertrain will be heavily modified for road use since the demands and running conditions of road and F1 cars are different. For example, this F1 engine revs up to 15,000 rpm, which could be too much for the road – possibly resulting to a modified rpm of just 10,000. Moreover, this engine will be tweaked to allow it to idle at rpm levels that are much lower than the 4,000 rpm of the F1 version.

As to when the Mercedes-AMG Project One would be officially launched, it could be sometime in 2018, with deliveries set to commence in 2019. Moers had said Mercedes-AMG would build between 200 and 300 examples, with the list of interested buyers already nearing the order limit. If you like the new Mercedes-AMG Project One, you may order now but be prepared to shell out around EUR2.4 million ($2.5 million).


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