SsangYong XAV-Adventure Concept presented at Frankfurt Motor Show

Article by Christian A., on September 17, 2015

Many people may not be familiar with the name SsangYong but all that is about to change with its release of the XAV-Adventure Concept, which was unveiled at 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show. This compact SUV is expected to offer a peek into the future with a reinterpretation for the fourth iteration of the Korando crossover.

The Korando is currently SsangYong’s longest and most successful brand. SsangYong is proud to say that the XAV-Adventure is truly an SUV. The masculine body style and the chunky proportions evoke memories of the iconic 4x4 ‘trucks.’

Much like these trucks, the XAV-Adventure is robust, strong, and has usable and roomy interior space that is able to meet the demands of those who want to bring bulky and large sporting equipment. Performance-wise, XAV-Adventure has the hybrid electric E-4WD system with the 1.6-liter engine that can come in either the petrol or diesel version.

The E-4WD has two electric motors (which are mounted on the rear) and a lithium ion battery. The system offers the driver security in both urban and off-road driving. It also comes in two hybrid performance modes -- economy and performance. It uses SsangYong’s own 3S-CUBE system.

The system combines an electric air suspension, smart motion control system, ‘stereo vision’, and special sensing device that can automatically determine the current condition of the road and then adjust the suspension in order to optimize comfort.

Suppose for example the car is travelling on a rough terrain, the suspension makes the necessary adjustments in order to ensure that the ride is softer even when at high speed. Furthermore, the suspension also becomes firmer to lower the ride-height and increase control by preventing roll and pitch.

This makes the XAV-Adventure good for driving under different conditions as it has been engineered to take on off-road driving. As with any SUV, is provides high ground clearance and when coupled with a superb ramp break-over angle, it can climb steep slopes and wade through water.

The pattern of the run flat tires is also suitable for either on-road or off-road driving, improving safety even further. The interior is remarkable as well. Despite the simple appearance, it is wide and at the same time highly practical.

The interior uses a mix of natural brown and black, giving it a luxurious and more modern atmosphere. Its design shows not only the style but also reflects the practical side of it. In the rear door for example is a storage compartment that allows one to load additional items especially when going on a leisure trip that includes a number of activities.

While the roof is made of carbon material, the inner part is made of convertible canvas. The roof enables a wider opening in order to feel that much closer to nature and at the same time experience the joy of driving ‘open top.’

SsangYong first displayed the XAV-Adventure during the Seoul Motor Show held early this year. SsangYong’s XAV-Adventure will indeed redefine the forward direction of its compact SUVs. With the Tivoli, the company knows that its product releases will be able to meet the needs of the younger and more active generation, who frequently go on trips and vacations.

Press Release


XAV-Adventure is the latest compact SUV concept from SsangYong. It offers a glimpse into the future, and illustrates how the current Korando crossover could be reinterpreted as the fourth iteration of this long-lived and highly successful vehicle brand.

The XAV-Adventure concept was showcased at the Seoul Motor Show earlier this year, and will help redefine the future direction of compact SUVs produced by SsangYong. Together with Tivoli, these new vehicles are being designed to meet the needs of the more active younger generation, who require their cars to crossover between their daily transport needs, and the activities they pursue on vacation and at weekends.

Styling concept

XAV-Adventure is a true SUV. Its chunky proportions and masculine body style draws on the look of those iconic 4x4 ‘trucks’ of yesteryear: strong, robust and with a capacious, square and useable interior space to meet the needs of those who carry large, cumbersome sports equipment.

The design of the interior appears simple, yet is wide and highly practical. The blend of black and natural brown colours creates a contemporary and luxurious ambiance, while the design imaginatively reflects the requirement for practicality. By example, a storage compartment in the rear door enables the loading of all those extra items needed for a leisure activity trip.

The inner element of the carbon roof is a convertible canvas roof, and affords a wide-opening space that draws you closer to the natural surroundings while providing the pleasure of ‘open top’ motoring.


The vehicle is offered with the choice of 1.6 litre diesel and 1.6 litre petrol engines and is also equipped with a hybrid electric E-4WD system. The E-4WD system comprises a lithium ion battery and two rear mounted electric motors that give the option of two driving modes: hybrid fuel economy mode and hybrid performance mode. The system also provides for secure off-road and urban driving.

The car features the SsangYong 3S-CUBE system. This includes a special sensing device, which together with a smart motion control system, electric air suspension and ‘stereo vision’, automatically determines the road conditions and adjusts the suspension for optimised ride comfort. On rough terrain, the suspension adjusts itself to make the ride softer while during high-speed driving, the suspension becomes firmer to increase car control by lowering the vehicle’s ride-height to prevent roll and pitch.

The XAV-Adventure is engineered for real off-road adventure. It offers a high ground clearance and good ramp break-over angle, and is capable of water-wading and climbing steep gradients. Run flat tyres are another safety feature on the car, with the tyre pattern suitable for on and off road driving.

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